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I am called adira
and I am owned by Mistress Charisma.
I made this page to tell a little about myself and to keep track of my tasks and chores.
Thank Y/you A/all for taking the time to take a peek.

"You are a secret dream, which I scarcely dared dream, come true to me, Master," I said.
"And you to me, Slave," said he.
"Will you truly be hard with me, Master?" I asked.
"Yes," he said.
"Will you truly, though you care for me, keep me as full slave?"
"Yes, Slave," he said.
"Subject even to discipline, if I displease you?" I asked.
"Subject to discipline, at my pleasure, whether you displease me or not," he said.
"My bondage then will be absolute," I said.
"Of course, Slave," he said.
I reached out timidly, to touch him. I kissed him, tenderly, on the shoulder.
"I love you, Master," I said.
"Be silent, Slave," he said, irritably.
"Yes, Master," I said.
He then touched me with sweetness, and tenderness, and I held him closely,
but did not speak, lost in his touch, for I, a slave, had
been forbidden to speak.
He made gentle love to me then, which, I knew, might become abrupt or brutal as he chose.
There were a thousand ways to have a slave girl
and I did not doubt but what Clitus Vitellius was master of them all.
How joyful I was. He was dominant over me. I was subject to him.
I was his, completely without qualification.
It is impossible for me to express my feelings. Perhaps this is why he had warned me to silence,
that I might not try to speak, but would be content to feel what could not, in any language,
be spoken.
So I did not then try to speak, but, rather, contented myself with turning to the tasks of love.
DAW, Slave Girl of Gor, 1977