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Welcome to Shyhorse Stables, owned by Ravens (10809). That would be me. Call me Raven. For some reason I was under the impression you needed 6 letters in your name, hence the (s) on the end of Raven(s).

So so so. Anyway, I dont know where this stable is going at the moment. I'm switching things up now that LE is back online. I auctioned off most of my old horses, The only ones that are defently staying are SH™ Radiant Annawake, and SH™ Such A Mare. They will probably be retired from showing, and just stat trained and be broodmares. I love them but I have no luck. SH™ Issue Of Gold Will probably stay too for the fact that I love his picture I made for him. Ha. SH™ Elliot Will probably stay beacuse... I say so.

I've decided the only way Im going to be sucessful is to stop being cheap and hoarding cash away, and to actually use it on something productive. I bought recently a store Argentine Criollo mare, SH™ Bit Of Lonliness, And I am very excited to train her. I also more recently bought a marionets™ Pronto x marionets™ Seven Nation Army colt that she bred for me, (thank you! A colt! I'm so exceited!) Who is absolutly fab. I named him SH™ Poisoned Heart, and he's going to grow to be something special. Same with the newest stablemate, a Dark Island x Muder By Numbers (by Nazo) colt that I purchased, whom I named SH™ My Own Hell Song...You cant help but be awesome with lines like those.

So, in essence, we're getting serious now, finally. Gotta pick up the pace. This page is under reconstruction right now beacuse I've got absolutly nothing more to say.