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Townsend's Beginnings

Before there was Townsend, there was KYLD WILD 94.9's party crew. The five most noticable and well known members of this crew were Ryan Torres, David Armbretch, Nick and Dominic Restani, and Todd Dolci. Together the five were known as Team Pretty Boy, for obvious reasons. The guys decided to go ahead and form a band and took the name Team Pretty Boy, the name they had all grown to love. However, under advice from (my girls!) Kristine and Aly, their name was changed to Townsend, the street the station is located on. (Which one would you have preferred? Go to the Poll page and cast you vote!) The band was on its way to a start in the music industry. However, there was a slight bump in the road to fame when David left the band to pursue his dreams of his radio career.

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With the band down to just four, these guys attracted no less attention. In fact, the number of fans only increased, as word of the former Party Crew members turned "boyband" grew. The guys held 2 Win A Date contests, where fans entered for a chance to win just a night with the guys. Ask any of the lucky girls who won or the friends they got to bring with, I'm sure they'll tell you it was the best prize they could have gotten. (Ok, maybe a marriage would have been a bit better but we'll not go into that.) The guys also made appearances at Planet Hollywood and the Christina Aguilera concert, both on October 15th.

Townsend then came in contact with a 5th member, Jayden Christofer, a Making the Band top 25 finalist. With Jayden, Townsend produced 2 songs, Understand This? and Just Say Goodbye. In April of 2001 Jayden parted ways with Townsend to persue first a career with the band Conpiracy and now a solo career.

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Jayden did not leave the band without a care however. After being put back in contact with an old friend, also a Making the Band top 25 finalist, Jayden got him in contact with Townsend to try out to become a part of the band. And so Matt Yoakum became a part of Townsend. Townsend rerecorded Understand This? and Just Say Goodbye as well as producing Tonight Is For You. Most of Townsend's time is now spent in the studio, singing, dancing, working on new songs, and overall rehearsing. With all the hard work and dedication, as well with the struggle the guys have had to go through to get to this point, they're sure to go far!

(Note:All facts above are true to the best of my knowledge. If any facts are obviously false and you realize this, let me know so I can correct them. Any mistakes are just that and not meant to disrespect anyone, espcially the members of Townsend, David [aka Gringo Suave] , and Jayden Christofer.)