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The way to a girl's heart is through her...veins?
Yeah, you heard me on to see some weird Take 5 facts!

TJ talks to his hair.

Clay has double jointed shoulders.

TJ cried at "Saving Private Ryan."

Stevie gave his blood to a little girl who needed a blood transfusion.

Tilky dreams about being on Baywatch.

Clay has nightmares about monsters. (Poor thing!)

Stevie shaves his arms and chest. Grr...LOL

Ryan hates Take 5 being called a boy band. Well they are!

TJ is most likely to get kicked out of a library. (I don't even want to know...)

Clay has been kicked by a horse.

Tilky has nightmares about Baywatch stopping before he ever gets a chance to appear on the show.

Stevie is afraid of heights.

Ryan cried when he watched "Braveheart."