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The Number 5

Take 5 has got a reason for the 5 in their band name. Check out the spooky occurance with the number 5 in their careers and lives!

There are five members in the group: Ryan, Clay, Stevie, TJ, and Tilky, ages 16 to 20, came together in Orlando, Florida in 1997.

Each guy has been performing since he was around five years old: Brothers Ryan and Clay sang in the Minneapolis Boys Choir and did musical theater. Stevie and Tilky met doing theater and commercials. TJ was a 1995 (five!) Star Search winner!

Ryan's first kiss was in the fifth grade: "It was on the playground, a typical thing behind the swing sets," he says.

For their upcoming album, Against All Odds, they worked with five hot R&B producers: Missy Elliot, Timbaland, She'kspere, Delite, and Flavahood.

They finished recording their first single "Shake It Off" at 5 a.m., after an all-night session in the studio.

Thanks to Twist magazine for the tiny article!