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Here are some quotes that I found, um, interesting.

"I'm a winner, I'm a winner at Chuck E Cheese, at Chuck E. Cheese everyone's a winner, their games are so easy." Tilky

Go for your goals!" Clay

"I get so into [dancing on stage] that I go off and start doing my own thing." -Stevie

"I've never kissed any of them, so I wouldn't know." -TJ

"Yeah! A lot! We argue all the time, but after a few minutes, we're always good friends again. Just a minute ago, Tilky played the piano and Clay got annoyed and told him to stop. And stealing clothes from each other is something we never get tired of arguing about"- Ryan

"I always knew you were a monkey!"-Tilky, to T.J.

"Tilky can't do without a mirror. He needs to glance in one every couple of hours to reassure himself that he looks ok. But it all went horribly wrong for him when his pants fell down during a show for our record company. He loves to perform to a crowd."- Stevie

"You can come to my house, but watch out for my dog." - TJ

"He tries on his mom's hats sometimes!" -Stevie, talking about Tilky. I'm really starting to worry about that boy.

Got a quote? Mail it to me please, I'm lacking in the quotes here!