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Goodbye Stevie

Here are your messages for Stevie, whether they're good or bad!

I'm mad at you and want you to rejoin Take 5, Good Luck anyway Stevie. -SoDa PoP gAl

Stevie, I hope you do well solo, you'll be missed! -PunkersGirlie

Stevie, I was dancing alongside of you in the Citrus Bowl, your last performance with the group (by the way, I was in the front of the group of dancers the day you pulled up in that cute green car...I knew you looked familiar, and when you said "I'm from Take 5", my knees went weak!). It was great to be there and to see you with the group for the after-party. Although I COMPLETELY and TOTALLY dissapprove of your choice (well, duh!), I wish you the best of luck in everything else that comes your way. I LOVE YOU STEVIE! -Bridget

Hey Stevie, I met you the at the last preformance at H.O.B. You prob. don't remember me but I was the dork how while hugging you BEGGED you not to leave the group. Obviously my begging didn't work :-*( Aw, well--I hope you do well in your solo life, even though I will ALWAYS think staying with t5 woulda been your best bet! -Meghan