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Are you a writer? Do you love Take 5? If so, why not write a fanfic on them?! Send me in your stories here.

Dreams Come True By: Melissa.

But wait! You might wanna read the stuff ya gotta do:

1.The story doesnt have to be about just Take 5.It can include other bands.Crossovers seem to be the most interesting.

2.Include a name and email address so people can email comments and so I can give credit to the author.

3.Any content is excepted.Depending on how mature the story is it will get a rating.

4.Stories can be long or short.

5.All stories sent will be posted,so if you dont see you story on here it will be soon.Its not right to exclude somebodys hard work.

6.Have fun!!!Go wild.Write crazy stories if you want.Its okay.Nobody is perfect at writing.Just because you think your stories suck,somebody else might think it rocks.

I can't wait to read the stories you guys send.I'll even try to write some if I can. !

Send Me It!