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About The Site

Made With: Angelfire, Notepad

With Help From: Lissa Explains It All (html help), and a book called 'Teach Yourself HTML Visually'. Kinda corny, kinda helpful.

Free Domain From:


* replace "+" with "<" at the start and ">" at the end *

Change the background color: +body bgcolor="your color here"+

Change the font: +font face="your font here"+

Change the font color: +font color="your font color here"+

Make text bold: +b+ and to end bold +/b+

Make text italicized: +i+ and to end italics +/i+

Make text underlined: +u+ and to end underline +/u+

Add a picture: +img src="picturename.jpg"+

These are just the basics. You may want to start off with these and work into the complicated stuff like frames or css. But if you need any additional help, I will be more than happy to help you! But first, check out the link above for HTML help and see if Lissa's site helps you out (and I'm sure it will.) But im always here!