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~*DeJaN & Da GaNg*~

~*~Coming of when I went to my FiRsT WaRRiOr GaMe!!!~*~

I hate to be the bearer of *bad news* but I find it my duty to report all the UH Warriors news. We challenged UCLA Bruins tonite (4/28/01) in Provo, Utah, and sadly, UCLA beat our Warriors in 4-straight games. Our Warriors alway give up a good fight, and they did. In the 3rd game, they won with an outstanding score of 30-15, but they didn't have that oomph that they needed to pull through. Brenton Davis and Torry Tukuafu's volleyball careers sadly come to end tonite, but I wish them the B.O.L. and hopefully they come back for the Alumni game next year.....ALOHA AND MAHALO GUYS!

YEAH....WE DID IT!!! Our UH Warriors beat BYU Cougars in 4 games at their home town in Provo, Utah. I assured you that the Warriors would get revenge and indeed, they got it, and it never felt so good! Tomorrow, (4/28/01) UH will challenge UCLA Bruins for the finals.......good luck guys! On behalf of all da Wariors fans....."LET'S GO BOWS!" & "WHO LET DA BOWS OUT?? WHO....WHO?" haha

Our UH Warriors kicked some MAJOR @$$ this past weekend (4/21) during the opening round of the MPSF Play-offs. UH challenged USC Trojans and we beat them in 3-straight games (30-22, 30-18, 30-20)....YEAH! We sent them back home LOSERS!! The UH Warriors will now travel back to Provo to challenge that damn BYU team! But, the guys' spirits were super high, so I'm beting that they WILL get revenge......

Sadly to report, the Warriors are no longer was good while it lasted boys! They challenged BYU (4/13 & 4/14) and lostboth games.....but, not without putting out a fight!

Congrats to Costas Theocharidis for being only the 10th Warrior ever to get 1,000 kills! U GO BOI!


fOr aLL yOu PeOpLe tHaT iSn'T fRoM hAwAii, tHiS iS a PiC oF tHe sTan sHeRRiF cEnTer. iT's wHeRe tHe WaRRiOrS pLaY aLL oF ThEiR hOmE gAmEs.

HEY!!! I finally got these pics's a couple pics of the 1st WaRRiOr game I ever went to...enjoy da pics! And no take 'em w/out asking, kay?, kay?! Thanx!*~

Dejan and Da Gang

My man tHiNkInG 'bout MeeH....LoL

My man SiTTiNg & Listening to da caoch!!!

Da Gang walking off da court

Here's some pics of our UH Warriors.....

Check out this pic of Costas....looking good!

If you didn't already know, here's a pic of my man, Dejan...

Here's Bren10 Davis & Tory Tukuafu...aLoHa GuYs!!

Whoa man, I was like, so in LOVE w/Clay Stanley during last years wasn't even funny! Haha..

Wow....this pic takes me wwwwwaaaaayyyy back!

This guy [Jason Ring] is the reason why I am the HUGE fan of volleyball that I am today!! It all started with ya man!

The following are pics that my classmate (thanks a MiLLiOn ChRiStInE!!) took when she met the '98-'99 WaRRiOr Volleyball team. DON'T TAKE ANY OF 'EM OR IMMA HURT YOU..LoL, jus joke, but ask meeh if you like use 'em, kay? Thanks!!

Andre changing his sHiRt...wHoA!

Clay Stanley cLoSe-Up

~*Kute sMiLe*~

Sivan Leoni with a BuNcH of leis....

The OnE aN OnLee, Naveh Milo!

*KuTiE* Jorge Alifonso changing HiS shirt...LooK!

Jorge Perez, what a HoTTiE!

Another pic of Jorge Perez!

Hey, it's Jorge & Jorge!! KuTe!

This is a *special* pic.....LoL, okay, maybe not, but it's of ~*Rick Tune*~ @ Christine's elementary sku...I dunno da name of it thou.....gotta ask, LoL.

Rick Tune making his *speech*


The following are pics and info on the current UH Warriors Rooster....check out our WARRIORS

^ I love this guy!

Dejan's pic from 2000 season

[Dejan was red-shirted due to surgery...]

Name: ~* Dejan Miladinovich*~
Number: 1( go figure)
Height: 6'7
Position: Middle Blocker
Birthday: October 22, 1976
Home: Kraljevo, Serbia
Year: Junior
X-Tra: Repeated as all-MPSF third year honoree. For all you people who hasn't seen Dejan in action, he's an AWESOME blocker...he'll ROOF you big time! *LoL*

Gernimo's pic from 2000 season

Name: Geronimo Chala
Number: 2
Position: Middle Blocker
Birthday: December 19, 1980
Home: Santieago de Cuba, Cuba
Year: Sophomore
X-Tra: Recorded career high 14 kills and led for a .619 percentage.....he only played in only 13 matches!! He looks up to UH-All American Yuval Katz (he was good too!)

Name: Kimo Tuyay
Number: 4
Height: 6'2
Position: Setter
Birthday: October 4, 1982
Home: San Diego, California
Year: Freshmen
X-Tra: Earned first team all-league honors as a Junior in High School. Kimo considers his volleyball coach to be the most influential person in his life. He was recruited by UCLA, BYU, Pepperdine and Long, that's some pretty good teams!! But, it's kewl that he chose Hawaii....that's the way Tuyay!

Name: Jake Muise
Number: 5
Height: 5'11
Position: Libero
Birthday: June 9, 1982
Home: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Year: Freshmen
X-Tra: Although his position above says Libero, Vernon Podlewski won that position and Jake moved to hitter. He did a good job filling in for Tony Ching and Eyal Zimet!Jake was named 3-time national all-star in volleyball. He enjoys surfing and his favorite subject is Computer Science.

Eyal's pic from 2000 season

Name: Eyal Zimet
Number: 6
Height: 6'2
Position: Outside Hitter
Birthday: September 1, 1976
Home: Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz, Israel
Year: Sopohmore
X-Tra: Eyal is currently out of action for now. He reportedly has a fracted left shin....get well soon Eyal, we need you!! He recorded a career high of 27 kills against Stanford.....we kicked butt in that game! Zimet was referred to attend UH by former Warriors Yuval Katz and Naveh Milo.

Name: Vernon Podlewski
Number: 7
Height: 5'8
Position: Libero
Birthday: November 14, 1976
Home: Makawao, Maui
Year: Junior
X-Tra: When Vernon came to UH, he was appointed Libero and he does an EXCELLENT job!! Go Vernon! He enjoys outdoor activities and plans to major in Enviornmental Studies.

Costas's pic from 2000 season

Name: Costas Theocharidis
Number: 9
Position: Outside Hitter
Birthday: November 27, 1979
Home: Orestiada, Greece
Year: Sophomore
X-Tra: Costas was named AVCA Newcomer of the Year and first team All-American. He also earned second team all-MPSF honors. Costas enjoys listening to music and watching tv (like me!) and would like to pursue a degree in finance and international business!Become 10th Warrior ever to get 1,000 kills!

Bren10's pic from 2000 season

Name: Brenton Davis
Number: 10
Height: 6'5
Position: Middle Blocker
Birthday: August 6, 1977
Home: Las Vegas, Nevada
Year: Senior
X-Tra: Brenton started in all 24 matches that UH has played so far. His position at Middle Blocker has earned him all-MPSF honorable mention honors and he led the team in total blocks 21 times. (But, I think that Dejan has that down now!) Davis wants to be a sports journalist. He lists his mom and the most influential person in his life since she has made many sacrifices for him.~* BET ON BRET*~

Kyle's pic from 2000 season

Name: Kyle Denitz
Number: 11
Height: 6'1
Position: Setter
Birthday: September 16, 1981
Home: Carpinteria, California
Year: Sophomore
X-Tra: During Kyle's Freshmen year, he saw limited action as back up setter for Stefan Krejci. He recorded a career-high 42 assists. In his spare time, Kyle likes to play beach volleyball, surf and going to the beach. Kyle's dad Marc Denitz and his uncle both played professional volleyball. ~* Pretty Boi*~

Name: Marvin Yamada
Number: 12
Height: 5'8
Position: Defensive Specialist
Birthday: January 16, 1982
Home: Barrigada Heights, Guam
Year: Freshmen
X-Tra: Marvin earned 3 letters in volleyball and was named the team's most inspirational player and scholar-athlete. He was also a member of the volleyball club. In his spare time, Marvin enjoys spending time with his girlfriend.....aww, so *kute*~

Tony's pic from 2000 season

Name: Tony Ching
Number: 15
Height: 6'2
Position: Outside Hitter
Birthday: May 3, 1981
Home: Honolulu, Hawaii
Year: Sophomore
X-Tra: Tony played in 21 matches and started six at outside hitter. Tony was out-of-action for awhile due to "road rash." His moped crashed into the rail and he had a gash on his left arm that needed 21 stitches. He was told that he wasn't going to be able to participate in UH's next games, but surprisingly, he made his appearance back form his injury on Saturday, march 24, 2001 against Arizona. Ching is a 1999 graduate of Kamehameha School and plans to major in business. He enjoys surfing and sleeping!

Name: Maulia LaBarre
Number: 16
Height: 6'8
Position: Middle Blocker
Birthday: April 18, 1982
Home: Honolulu, Hawaii
Year: Freshmen
X-Tra: Maulia is a 2000 graduate of Roosevelt High School in Honolulu and was named OIA East Volleyball Player of the Year and honorable mention all-state. Maulia enjoys surfing and playing music. His favorite subject is science.

Name: Daniel Rasay
Number: 18
Height: 6'2
Position: Setter
Birthday: June 15, 1982
Home: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Year: Freshmen
X-Tra: Daniel is a 2000 graduate of Konawaena High School in Kealakekua, Hawaii. He helped his team to the 1999 league championship in volleyball. Rasay enjoys going to the beach and lists his mom as the most influential person in his life. Hopefully we'll get to see him in action next year.....

Name: Scott Panaro
Number: 21
Height: 5'8
Position: Defensive Specialist
Birthday: February 11, 1982
Home: El Toro, California
Year: Freshmen
X-Tra: Scott is a 2000 graduate of El Toro High School in California. He earned second-team-all-league honors as a Senior and honorable-mentions as a Junior. Scott enjoys going to the beach and hanging out with friends. His favorites includes Sublime and the movie "American Pie."

Name: Tory Tukuafu
Number: 22
Height: 6'5
Position: Outside Hitter
Birthday: October 25, 1977
Home: Herber City, Utah
Year: Senior
X-Tra: Tory was named all-MPSF for the second consecutive year. He started 28 matches at Middle Blocker and finished second on the team in blocks per game. Tory attended Kahuku High School and was named OIA East MVP in Volleyball. His nickname is "Tuki" and he enjoys playing cards and watching movies. Tukuafu is married to former Wahine Volleyball player Andrea Gomez Tukuafu, who is the most influential person in his life.