Hello, and welcome to Some Strings Attached. This is an Nsync humor page, so if you have no sense of humor, I suggest you go here. If you know that Nsync is not perfect, and have a sense of humor, then welcome!

If you disagree with anything on here, feel free to send me hatemail, go ahead! But, be warned: I will put it up for all the world to see and make fun of. If you want to send me lovemail, go ahead! I appreciate every little compliment :)

Okay, newsflash! I'm going to start updating again, but I'm starting over with a new layout and another editor! Therefore, there will be a lot of dead links. It might take a while for me to change everything, and I hopefully hope I'll actually put some humor up, actually. (I know that was completely lame.) I found some half written things hidden deep in the recesses of my closet, so I'll type those up soon.

Justin's hair has grown

inches since July 29,2000