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The Hollow

T h e H O L L O W

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We are safe in the Hollow of His hands

Who is The Hollow?
"The Hollow" started off as a group of guys playing music for fun, until the band discovered that music can speak to the heart and soul. Christian music is a powerfully effective ministry that can answer a lot of struggling quetions that words alone may have difficulty answering. This led the band members to dedicate "the Hollow" to God as a full-time Christian Band.

Members of "the Hollow" desire to be examples of young people who have given it all to Christ. They are a band of surfers. The hollow is the tube the wave makes when it's breaking, and Christ can give us the same thing that the hollow can give the surfer...peace and hope in the midst of a stormy, frightening sea. Remember, the Lord keeps us safe in the Hollow of His hands.

We are safe in the Hollow of His hands

My Opinions on The Hollow
Personally, I love this band. Their music is really great. They have an excellent way of hitting their messages home. And as people, they are the best! When you are with them, they treat you like they have known you forever. They are a sweet bunch of guys and I feel very priveledged to know them. They also have an undying love for Christ, which shows in everything they do and say. They put forth their best effort in all of their actions. Tha Hollow is also an awesome band to see live! When they hit the stage, everyone jumps to their feet! That is the way their music is! It rocks! And it makes you wanna rock!

One of the things I love the most about the Hollow is that they always take the time to hang out with their fans and get down and dirty with them! And another thing I love about the Hollow is the way they can rock the house down! Their shows are excellent!

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We are safe in the Hollow of His hands

Album Review
I just recieved my own copy of their new album "Dear God" on April 21st, and I have not stopped listening to it since! They are truely talented! They play their instruments with tons of energy and they sing with God in their hearts! Their music is so origonal and I love that when it comes to music. No one likes carbon copies of the same thing. Robert Easley's voice is awesome! The songs on this album are so beautiful! The Hollow certianly has a talented way with words! Every song it a favorite! But the one that spoke to me the most, was "Little Girl".To hear some Hollow tunes check out their website at the bottom of this page.*Click Little Girl to hear the song*

Dear God CD Cover

Who are the members?

L-R .:Dustin Lau- Rythem Guitarist & Backup Vocals:. .:Robert Easley- Lead Vocals:. .:Adam Taylor- Lead Guitarist:. .:Nick Hughes- Drums/Percussion:. .:Matt Chapman- Bass:.

Where can I find out more information on "The Hollow"?
Go to The Hollow Official Website. Their website has EVERYTHING! Pics, sounds, news, booking information, biographies, merchandise, and you can even read the bible from their website! It has absolutely everything!

We are safe in the Hollow of His hands

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Listen to some origonal, bonafied, certified, grade A, 100% Hollow tunes!
[The World Might Say]
[Little Girl]
[500 Miles]
[Don't Worry]
[A little somethin you might see at a Hollow concert]
[See the Hollow perform at Harvest]
You might want to fast forward to 38 min. unless you want to hear the whole sermon (which is pretty cool).

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