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Who is Skillet?
Memphis recording artist Skillet is at it again, getting ready to release their third album - Invincible - on Ardent/ForeFront Records. Their electro-industrial rock is the perfect ear candy for those hungry for music on the edge. Invincible hits the streets 2-1-2000, and promises to deliver more computer loops, with driving dance beats and heavier guitars. But Skillet is offering more than a high intensity rock show - they are presenting the opportunity for acceptance to a generation dying to hear. [continue]

My Opinions On Skillet
Personally, I really like this band. I listened to their first self titled CD recently, and I ended up listening to it a second time through! *Personal Favorite is 'Gasoline'* This band has a really talent to rock the house down! They are down to earth, and humble in everything they do. The center of all of their actions focuses on Christ. I think the world could use more Skillet's.

My Review on Skillet's new Album "Invincible"
I loved the album! I checked out their debut album from the library and became hooked on Skillet so I bought their new album "Invincible!" I love the energy this CD puts out! The vocals are amazing! Personally, the thing I listen for in a song are the way the vocals blend and flow, and Skillet gives me the chills! :-) And I can definately tell you one thing, I will also be buying their new CD for all my friends! :-)

To buy "Invincible", go here

Where can I find more information?
Go to their Official website for the best up to date information, tour dates, merchandise, sounds, lyrics, pictures, booking information, information on their decipleship program, and more!

AND make sure you visit Skillet's new website and find out how to promote Skillet's new cd Alien Youth which is coming out august 28th. Reserve your copy today and get a special gift!!

Kevin Haaland- guitar

John L. Cooper- Vocals, badd, loops, keyboards, guitars

Korey Cooper- Keyboards, loops, sampling, programming

Trey McClurkin- drums

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