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To All My O-God!-Townies,

Well, kids. I have good news, and I have bad news. More good news than bad, tho :) I have decided to finish the FanFic, and then leave O-God!-Town un-updated at that point. With school, work, and an impressively budding social life, it has become increasingly difficult to keep this site updated and give it the time it deserves. Of course, there's also the fact that I have lost interest in the band itself. I know that may come as a shock to some of you, but I never really loved the band all that much to begin with. I created this website on a whim; I was bored one day and I thought it would be fun. To my surprise, it gained a massive fanbase and left me sorting through about 100 fan/hate mails a week. After a while, I was doing this just for you guys; I myself wasn't into it that much anymore.

But as for that good news I promised you...I am currently "looking" at people to help me out on a website thats mocks ALL pop music, titled "This Must Be...Pop." I take an avid interest in all music that is pop, and didn't want to end my webhosting days for good. I figure, with a small team of talented writers pioneering this thing with me, it can be forever updated, in-depth, and possibly even more popular than O-God!-Town is. I know you must be smiling now!

Till I finally have a site that is nice enough to show to the pop-loving public, I'll leave O-God!-Town up and finish the FanFic. If I didn't, I might never hear the end of it from some of you!

If anyone would be interested in joining the "This Must Be..." team, you can e-mail me a writing sample ( a top ten list, a funny song review, etc) and tell me what you'd be willing to do. I'm warning you tho...I'm picky :)

I want you guys to know I enjoyed doing the website immensely and loved hearing from you, as cornball as that sounds. I hope my Townies will come check out the new venture when it's complete, and my friends will stay in touch. Till then...

Signing out,

Your Webmistress, Nadya

Come Say Goodbye...

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