*The Madness behind The Method...er, yeah...*

HERE WE ARE! Ain't we cute? We look just like angelfire logos... that could be cause our pics ain't working right now, or we really lost some weight there.... Maybe we should run and get a mirror to make sure we really don't look like that... nah.

ANYWAY... Here are our bios up and running! We hope angelfire loves us and tells us how to get our pics to work soon until then we suppose you'll just have to amuse yourself with this!

Here's Bri's other webpages:


This is Bri's Musical Page of musicals she has been in, created, and others she just loves!


This is Bri's "Newsies" page THE NEWSBOYS UNION after she did the show at her high school.


This is Bri's tribute page to a cute tenor from Colorado who sings at the Pittsburgh Opera!!

Let Bri know if they don't work she may have typed them in wrong, and she'll get them fixed ASAP! :)

*Bri and KB!*

Here we are! Ain't we cute??? :) Told you so! We're here at our FAVORITE place on the entire campus! Well, besides Deitrick, but we thought if we took pics inside the dining hall they might kick us out or something, and if we went to the General Store, JC might start harrassing us and sing "Bring it all to me" again, and we really didn't want to take that chance there...

Anyway, this place is called WAR MEMORIAL CHAPEL! It's really cool to climb and play on the big black peice of marble in the center of it and all of the stone statues are pretty cool to give explinations of at 2am! But this statue is our absolute favorite, WHY?

It's DUTY!

He's our little stone sheep, we've claimed him, you can't have him, SO THERE! :P He's all ours, and we're protecting him from the TKE boys... We come here and sit and talk beside Duty and if he's a good sheep we'll pet him and talk to him! It's a long story to understand why we love this place SO much, but all you have to know is that it's pretty damn cool, well, because WE'RE there! :)

* BRI *

I'm being immature and bitter that I accidentally deleted my bio, so I'm not putting another one up for a while, you're just gonna have to judge a book by it's cover until then! ;) (Heeheehee, can you also tell I'm too lazy to put my picture the right way either? Well, I'm weird and I don't care so if you do, TOO BAD! ;) )

* KB *

Hey everyone! My name is KB...that's what mother calls me :) KB is obviously a nickname though. Just in case you're wondering, the K in KB stands for Kelley. Spell it wrong and......I'll be really PISSED :) Just kidding. Why do you think I go by KB? It's easier to spell! Ha ha. Here's the rest of my info in case you care...because I know that "I Care" :)

Birthday: July 6th, 1981

Age: 19

Sign: Cancer (YAY, I'm a crab!! Good for maxin' and relaxin at home and swimming sideways)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Nationality: I am made up of mostly French and Scottish with a bit of Welsh in there somewhere :)

Height: 5' 7" (HA HA, I'm taller than Bri)

Weight: I feel so light...this is all I wanna feel tonight! (Nina Gordon) And that's all you're getting out of me because who really cares about how much I weigh?? All that matters is that I've got CLEAVAGE :)

Family: Father - Steve Mother - Margaret I'm an only child but I grew up next door to three cousins that were my Honorary Sibblings. Fletcher Lee (the big brother...29yrs old) used to beat me up and threaten to kill me if I touched his car. But now we have the EXACT same personality...I swear it's scary how much we're alike. Sara (the big sister...23 yrs old) hated me as a kid and tried to drown me and leave me outside in the dark tied to trees. But now we're really tight and I go visit her as much a possible. Brandi (the little sister...15 yrs old) used to annoy the crap out of me as a kid and I would always go places she wasn't allowed to go because I knew she wouldn't be able to tag along. Now we're as close as real sisters (although she's almost got her license which frightens me)

Pets: I have two really really fat and spoiled cats (way to go Mom) named Jerry Lee and PJ (what is it with my family and initials???) and a big big fish named Bubba. My precious puppy died when I was 16 :*( His name was Ziggy.

Major: Communications!!! (I switched out of Biology - Pre Vet because this stuff is cooler)

Minors: Psychology (Kinda like Chris puppy) and Biology (You have NO idea how many credits I had for Bio...it would have been pointless to give it up)

Current Occupation: I'm the go-for girl at a Trust Company :) My job is very exciting.

Current Ambition: Like Bri said, I hope to someday be famous with Bri. Preferable as pop stars since we're cute and can sing and dance better than Britney and Christina. Plus we just come right out and say we're slutty :) But if that doesn't work then we'll become the next Ben Affleck/Matt Damon duo and write a really cool screenplay and star in it ourselves :) It coule work...we have a blond, a brunette, and a TON of stuff to write about :)

Now, if it just so happens that Fate has been pulling our chain all along and we don't become famous then I can always go into publishing like I had originally intended to do. It's either that or work for a really cool Radio Station as a DJ or something :) I have good taste in music and I sure as hell love to talk!!

Voice Part: First and Second Saprano (trained) If needed I can sing Alto and they made me sing first Tenor once which sucked because I was with a bunch of dumb boys that couldn't maintain INTONATION!!!

Words That Describe Me: Smart-Ass by birth and I carry that title with me to this day. I'm funny (and apparently egotistical) and very outgoing. At times I'm a homebody but that comes with being a Cancer. Party girl, dancing fool (even if I don't have PERFECT rhythm). I'm organized and have the need to finish things I start. I'm impatient but in a good way. I love to talk...especially about myself :).....but I am a great listener. You just have to tell me to shut up. Always happy and down to earth. Afraid of high places and needles. I'm a movie buff and I totally DIG Kevin Smith (Major Mad Props to ya Kev). The most important thing is that I simply HAVE to be seen...not always center of attention but people WILL KNOW I'm there. One of the things that comes with being an only child. Umm....Basically I'm a walking entertainment center that loves to be noticed :)

Loves: Anything to do with music. Playing my piano/clarinet/harmonica. Singing along to the radio, tape, CD, MTV, VH1, etc. Singing in the shower and when I'm cleaning and when I'm at work and basically whenever the hell I want to. I absolutely LOVE movies. I'm a total dork when it comes to movies. I dig the action/suspense scene more than anything. Give me a good shoot 'em-up-bang-bang movie over Titanic any day. But my absolute favorite movie personality is Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob) That man is a genius. He writes, he directs, and he acts......kinda. He's just the bomb guy and he discovered Ben Affleck so he's gotta have talent. I also love to write. I have a novel I'm working on in the process of becoming a famous pop star. I have 128 pages so far. Now if I can be patient enough (me be patient???) to finish it I will be one happy gal. I love my family and where we grew up. Living on the water has rocked my little world. Going out on the boat at sunset, seeing dolphins swim by your house, jet skiing and NOT falling off are some things I absolutely LOVE :) I love being out in the sun and being active. I also love going bare foot. If I didn't have to wear any shoes for the rest of my life I would be perfectly content. But sandals and flipflops are cool for now :) I love bondage things :) hee hee (Okay so it had to come out that I am NOT an angel) But one thing I love more than most is hanging with my friends...especially Bri because we have the ability to make anything funny :) Oh yeah, and guess I love NSYNC too :)

Dislikes: People that cut me off when driving. (I swear I'm a different person behind the wheel) Needles! Nasty food. Being sick. Leo Dicaprio. People who think they can get away with anything. People that think they're better than everyone (damn I sound mature). People who talk during a movie...Oh wait, I do that...NEVERMIND :) Having to wait for too long. People with no respect for others around them. And........ummmm......finding chewed gum under the table the hard way. Ick.

Random NSYNC things KB wants to bitch about: I had a really bad cold at the beginning of the summer and some girl came up to me one day and said I sounded like Justin Timberlake. That hurt! Okay, was I the only one frightened by the whole doll concept in It's Gonna Be Me??? That was scary...it just conjured up all of those childhood fears that my Barbies would come to life and like, bite me or something. Here's something really random and coicidental....I'm called KB...JC is called, well JC....K and J are next to each other in the alphabet...as are B and C. PLUS, when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to name my first son Joshua Chase...but NO...JC's name just HAD to be Joshua Chasez....The only thing different about the name is that one ends in a Z so I can never name my son what I wanted to because everyone would think his mother was a weird obsessed freaky lady with issues....so BLAH :) Okay, that's about it.

Okay so that ends my little (rather LONG) description of myself. I hope I haven't totally frightened you. *MUWAH*

Some more stuff bout us!!! :)