*The TRUE Story of *NSYNC*

STORY TIME! Now it's time for the part of the webpage when we tell you a really funny story, and it's only funny because even though it isn't true, IT COULD BE! :) Heeheehee... ENJOY!

Chris was telling the truth when he said that he began the group. After he graduated from college, he realized how much he liked surrounding himself with younger men with good singing voices, and singing with the girls at Universal just weren't cutting it for him anymore. So to fufill his dream he called up Justin, the handsomest young man he ever sang with. But Chris wasn't telling the truth when he said he met Justin through auditions around Orlando, oh no, that's about as far from the truth as possible. Actually, he met Justin at one of his college frat parties, I mean true Justin was 9 years younger than Chris and shouldn't have been anywhere near a college campus, but he was a hired entertainer for the night and a boy has to make money somehow. So Chris saw "Justine", Justin's name for himself whenever he did his Pedafile Drag Show Performance, at this party and heard his sweet voice, almost as high as his, and saw his angelic face and decided he had to have Justin right there. And well, he did, and they continued this sordid relationship all throughout Chris' college years and Justin's years on MMC. So after MMC was cancelled Justin had no where to go but into Chris' arms and join his singing group. At first, they thought going duet would be a smashing idea, but after a couple of clubs and a few broken glasses, they realized no one wanted to hear two high pitched voiced guys singing love ballads. So Chris begged Justin to call up one of his old friends in MMC and see if they could balance out their sound better. Justin called everyone, Josh, Matt, Dale, Ryan, Tony... but no one wanted to sing with two gay guys. The only person left to call was JC. The thing about Justin and JC was though, there had always been a bitter rivalry between them and they couldn't stand each other. Justin would always follow JC around on MMC and tried to act and sing like him, and all JC wanted to do was twist Justin's body into a coat hanger. But after Tony threatened Justin's life and told him if he ever called his apartment again he would have him shot and thrown into the Kissimme, Justin gave up his pride and called JC. JC was desperate, he tried to make it on his own, but his alcoholism and "caffiene" addiction just kept getting in the way of his solo career, besides he had been out of Orlando for a while and didn't know about the "thing" between Justin and Chris. So after much convincing and keeping JC awake long enough to hear the plan about the group, he agreed, but only if he could get work for a friend of his. JC called up Joey, one of his old friends from his clubbing days in Orlando, and Joey was more than happy to sing with JC. Joey had just gotten laid off at Universal after he ddeveolped a horrible allergic reaction to the monster make up and werewolf fur used in the stage show he was in, also there was talk about sexual harrassment charges from his female co workers, so Joey was more than happy to get the work. There was now four members of the band together, and all they needed was a bass, JC and Joey could never balance out Justin and Chris' high pitched voices by themselves. Chris called in one of his friends from college, named Jason, because then their last letters of their first names would spell NSYNC and Chris thought that was pretty damn clever. But after Jason found out about Chris and Justin, he yelled something about "I thought I was your only one!" and left it, Chris just told the other band members "He just couldn't cut the mustard." But everyone knew it was proabbly because Jason had a small dick and was a bad lay. So Justin called up his old manager from his Pedafile Drag Show days and had him recommened someone else in the business. Hid name was James, but they all called him by his middle name Lance, because his drag show name was "Lancette" and it was easier to remember Lance that way. Justin went to go meet Lance in Mississippi, and fell instanly in love, and although Lance did have feelings for Justin, he could never dessert his first love, Toby his horse. Lance was always into beastiality, and he finally found a true love in this relationship with Toby. Justin knew the only way he could get Lance to join the group was by getting Toby out of the way, so one night he snuck into the stables and poisoned Toby's drinking water. Lance woke up the next morning and found his beloved dead from "natural causes," and he ran into Justin's arms for comfort. It was in this dreadful state Justin took advantage of Lance and had him sign a contract to join the group. They returned to Orlando, and Chris knew right away there was something between them, and so added a clause in Lance's contrats about never letting him have any solos to spite Justin. So now NSYNC had been created, but they were far from fame, it seemed everyone in Orlando knew about the sordid gay affairs going on within the group and no one wanted to hire them, but knowing that Europe was more liberal on their homosexual veiws the boys hightailed it to Germany. As soon as their managers got Chris and his little dog Busta to stop molesting trees, Justin and Lance to stop fucking, JC to stay out of the bars, and Joey to stop chasing skirt, they finally knuckled down and began to teach them all to sing and dance together. And they rest as they say is history. Only in Orlando, people, only in Orlando, will dreams like this come true.