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We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you the latest information on the Bass/Toby investigation. Police Investigators have been spending the past week analyzing video tape taken of the boy and his horse and the boy and his voice coach. For a while, they had been coming up empty handed but today, in the background of a video taken on March 5th of Bass and his Voice Coach, investigators caught sight of an unfamiliar face in the case. When video enhanced techniques were applied, Investigators discovered that none other than Justin Timberlake was present on the scene. For this purpose they do not know yet but the date of the tape coincides with the date of Toby's death. The investigators believe that Timberlake may have had something to do with Toby's abrupt failing health. Timberlake however, has not been located for questioning. The search is on for the 19 year old Tennessee native.

KB of Freshman class was taken in for questioning because they are rumored to be involved. The possibility that KB is pregnant with Justin's child is also an issue. Investigators believe she knows the location of Timberlake but because of hormone imbalance due to the early stages of her pregnancy, is unwilling to cooperate. KB has denied all ties with Timberlake and claims she is NOT pregnant and that if she was, Justin Timberlake would be the last man on earth to father her child. KB also claims to not know where he is but says that if she did know, would gladly turn him in in a heart beat if it meant he would be locked up in prison for the rest of life. Investigators believe that this is all some sort of ploy to cover up the almost obvious love affair.

For further details, the other members of N'Sync and Freshman Class were questioned if they knew anything about the Timberlake/KB relationship and if there was anyway Timberlake could be involved with the death of Toby the horse. JC Chasez informed us that HE and KB had been dating for quite a long time and that he was the only person she f***ed. He says that the only interest KB has in Timberlake is seeing him dead on the side of the road. Investigators had to disregard his comment however, seeing as how there was much rivalry between Timberlake and Chasez since the days of MMC and that there may be jealous rage when it comes to KB.

Investigators wanted to question Bri but she was detained for the day along with Joey Fatone. The two seemed to disappear at the exact same time leaving Investigators baffled as to how they were going to resolve the issue of Timberlake's involvement with the Toby death...if there was any at all. Chris Kirkpatrick informed the investigators that if they really needed to contact Joey and Bri that they would have to wait since they were in Texas making wedding arrangements. For whom the arrangements were being made for we still do not know.

Right now the questions that Investigators are having to deal with are: What is the connection to Timberlake and Brown? Will she reveal the location of the band member? What is his connection to the Bass/Toby case? Why are Bri and Joey making wedding arrangements in Texas? and for whom? If Timberlake was involved in the death of the horse, were other members of N'Sync involved as well? and Is the dog - Busta - next? With the uncovering of new information Investigators are only left with more and more questions.

If you or someone you know has any information pertaining to these questions please contact Mississippi Crime Watch at 1-395-555-0000 and ask for Dave.

That is all we have for now. We only hope more information on the great mystery is uncovered as time moves quickly along.