In Today's News.......

It was announced today that N'Sync has chosen Freshman Class as their opening act for their "Fuck Me Baby One More Time" Summer Tour which will begin in Denver Colorado. The reason the band chose Denver for their first show was because not a damn member of either of the bands was from that state so they figured it was a nuetral starting point.

Rumors have been circulating that Bri and Joey Fatone have been involved for quite some time. When asked about their relationship the two replied, "We're just two really close friends that make out in public, love each other deeply, are engaged, and f*** each other everyday. But nothing more." The two have been extremely discreet. Many feel that the lack of evidence to support the "rumor" keeps the public guessing....Are they together?

On that note, JC Chasez and KB have also been reported to be somewhat of an item. When the two were questioned the only response we got out of them was "oh Oh OH OH YES YES YES YES..." According to their physical trainers we caught them during their daily aerobic workout. So we decided to wait until a more convinient time. When the two emerged from the bedroom where they had been performing what we can assume was Tae Bo, they responded to our inquiry with "Our names are Josh and Kelley..." We thank them for being so open with us.

In other news, Chris Kirtpatrick has filed a law suit against Busta', the official N'Sync dog. Apparently Busta was in breech of contract when he "took a shit" in Chris' bed rather than Justin Timberlake's. The suite is for 5 million dollars and their lawyers have stated that they hope to settle this matter outside of court. Best of luck to them.

Lance Bass of N'Sync has returned home the weekend before their summer tour will begin to honor the one year passing of his beloved horse Toby. Detectives and Investigators are still on the case as to how the horse actually died. Many believe it was a course of nature but Bass accuses his former Voice Coach of taking him away from his precious pet causing the horse to die of neglect and loneliness. That actual cause of death can not fully be determined since the animal has rotted significantly underground. So the only evidence the Investigators have to go on are video tapes shot by Bass's mother, Diane, while he was both visiting Toby and being coached in voice. We have been told that we will be kept up to date if any break throughs occur.

Many have asked if Bass will continue to outstretch the blame towards his friends and band members for causing him to not be by Toby's side 24/7. Bass has denied any attempt to post blame on the other members of N'Sync. He quoted, "Never could I point the finger at such wonderful people...Especially my love Justin..."