*YAY! We have our very OWN stalkers!*

So you know the puppies are weird, you know we are weird, but here are some other people out there that WE find weird (woah, man that's pretty bad if we think you're scary and weird...)

Any of the letters here actually fit into the OTHER catagory, so although they might not be weird or stalker-scary, they might not make any sense whatsoever, or just not fit into the other three catagories we have. If we get enough of one kind of mail here we might make a WHOLE NEW CATAGORY! And won't that be exciting? ("OOOOOOOOoooooooo....." We can hear the anticipation out there in cyberspace!)

Hey come on, we've told you alot of pretty weird things on this page, challenge us, show us that you can do better than we have! Email briecheez@angelfire.com to show us whatcha got! :)