*I'll Never Stop*

Yeah, we had fun coming up with the "I'll Never Stop" (Just the title says STALKER) video, becasue the puppies used fun phone sounds in this one! We just saw all five of them crammed into this tiny phone booth with Justin holding the reciever. And all the other boys are trying to grab at the phone. But, you know what we noticed? They never actually talk to the girl they're stalking, they only talk to the operator, and unless they are stalking the operator, we find it really really funny. We just see the operator going balistic after a million calls from the puppies just screaming at them; WOULD YOU AND YOUR FOUR FRIENDS STOP HARMONIZING AND HARASSING ME!!! CAN'T YOU BOYS STALK ALONE, DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO STALK TOGETHER??? JEEZ! And rudely disconnecting them. :)


Ooo yeah... I'll never stop!

Can't you just see Justin singing this into the reciever and the operator being scared? :) We know we would be scared if Justin called just to sing to us...


I don't know, do you believe me? After all I've said and done, all the lies how i regret them, baby now...

JC violently rips the telephone out of Justin's hands and looks really pissed off that he didn't get to talk first, but also has the puppy face going on, we can't explain it but don't you just see, JC getting away with EVERYTHING because of his puppy face?


I am the loser and you're shining like the sun, tell me why can't I too be the one...

Justin grabs back the phone, with his hand smooshing JC's face into the glass of the phone booth, as the other boys try to grab for the reciever. Puppies, if you lie, you can't obviously be a winner NOW CAN YOU??? Of course the girl will be pissed at you and not believe you! Let the girl shine, you screwed up, deal with it.


I will never stop, until you're mine. I can wait forever, 'till the end of time, cause my heart is in your hands. Don't you understand? I'll never stop.

Okay that is scary, if someone told us I won't stop until I have you, I'll wait forever... We would run away, far, far away. Don't get us wrong, we're not scared of commitment, but that is obsessive scary there... And you just had to emphasize that you'll never stop, huh? What we don't understand puppies is, well, isn't FOREVER and the END OF TIME the same damn thing? Why must you be SO repetitive???


How could I ever? When my heart is in your hands, And I know, baby there is no turning back...

What is all this with hearts being in hands, that's icky... and yes JC puppy there's not turning back once you have become a stalker... We can see JC just like kneeing Justin to get the reciever back and he could just wail into the phone and try to bite and of the other boys who try to take the phone away from him. Justin:

You say that I'm crazy, And I kind of understand, How I wish for this nightmare to end...

Um, yeah stalking kind of DOES mean you're crazy, how can you not fully understand that? We see Justin messing up JC's hair and getting the reciever back and trying to make a cute puppy face to get out of being in trouble, but it just looks like he's in pain. Probably cause JC is biting him....



Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo...

Yeah we know you couldn't come up with anymore words, you're just making it up as you go along, AREN'T YOU, PUPPIES???? :)


Do you believe me? My heart is in your hands, don't you understand?

Wow, Justin is being redundant.... Boys come on get a better lyricist if you can't write them yourselves... In the video we would love it if one of the boys just wailing on Justin's fro and gave it a good strong pull!!! :)


I will never stop, 'till the end of time, heart is in your hands...



Yeah, so by now in the video, they would probably be all bloody and bruised and ripped the reciever out of the wall, and wondering why they got the dial tone, somebody please bitch slap Justin in the head, and that would be the perfect ending with them all walking out of the phone booth sulking, but then getting all excited when they found another one across the street, and they get all happy and run over there only to find they are out of quarters.