*Justin's Part in the Second Coming*

Oh please say you'll still love us after this story, but it's just too funny an image to keep all to our selves!!!! Blame Bri if you want to she's Catholic and doesn't care, she already knows how much she needs to repent there... ;)

Okay, so we were just thinking one day how funny it would be if Justin Puppy got pregnant and was in a large baby blue maternity dress, and not only that, he was the soon to be proud father of "Baby J" a heavenly gift from above... :) Can't you just see him in his last trimester and getting all bitchy? :) Here's a few things we thought he might say to the rest of the group during that last month of pregnancy with the second coming...

"Yo, dat's whack! I thought I be tellin' you foo's dat I wanted Baby J's room in baby blue!!! Wazzup wit dat y'all?"

"Nah Chris dat be so whack, I ain't namin' da dude after you! I already be namin' him after ma own fly self...Wha foo'? Nah, I ain't be namin' him afta ya damn dog!!!"

"Lance!!! Come ova here foo and rubs ma feets yo, dey be swellin' fasta than ma bitch's breasts!"

"Nah homies, I ain't be doin da show tonights, yo. Gots ta think bout Baby J, yo."

"It be dat time yo!!!! Hows wes gonna gets dis bus yo to da hospital yo? I wants Baby J to borns in Tennesse, yo, not da tour bus!!!"

"JC, man, yo, you thinks I be getting fat, yo?"

"JOEY! Wha da fuck man, dat was Baby J's present yo, how couldya have eatten it????"

"Sup homies, yeah yeah yeah, you know Thrustin Justin still gots da flow.... shit ma water broke..."

"Does dis be meanin' da fly honies don't be diggin ma thug appeal no more sice I be da family man?"

Sorry if we offended anyone but hey, we saw the connection, Justin Puppy does thinks he be God yo... :)