*Richard Marx*

Richard Marx is wonderful! He is one of our all time heroes and we'd just about die to be able to get to meet him! No one (ESPECIALLY not a man!) writes great romantic songs the way he does! (Come on, you know the songs *NSYNC wrote, just face it they are not romantic guys, they could not write a romantic song to save their lives, sorry puppies but it is true...) He wrote "This I Promise You" (The first romantic/mushy song that Bri has liked in a LONG LONG LONG time) on NSA and we would LOVE (this is not a strong enough term at how badly we would want this) if Richard would write a song for us! Do you know how cool it would be to have RICHARD MARX singing and recording a song with you?!?!?!?!?! He writes great songs about love and he even wrote a song for his kids, it's just SO SWEET! We bet he's an awesome daddy!

If we had to meet anyone on MTV FANatic, Richard would be that person, screw *NSYNC! We want to meet Richard Marx!

He just seems like an all around good guy, and it is actually kinda funny how we got started obsessing over him again recently... You see, we knew that JC sang "Right Here Waiting" for his MMC audition, and then we watched MMC videos and found out him and Tony (Aw yay, we love Tony Lucca too, he taught us "self defense" on MMC! :) ) sang a lot of other Richard Marx songs, so we finally got the greatest hits of Richard Marx album, and fell in love all over again with the songs we grew up with! (Yeah, so what, we know that was a cheesy thing to say, but it's true!) We even went out to an unreal amount of music stores to look for "Right Here Waiting" sheet music, until we finally found it, IN PRINT, in an online music store.

Richard is just an awesome songwriter and an EXTREMELY talented man, he's NUMBER ONE of our puppies here! MAD PROPS RICHARD!!!!!!!!!!