Press Release

Today JC Chasez was finally released from Bellvue!

Much rejoicing was held by the fans and a grateful Joey Fatone, who has lost pretty much all articles of clothing due to them getting caught on the asylum gate or surrounding bushes. "At least I still have my lucky Superman jersey! It's my favorite thing." Fatone told us "Also they let me go in and see JC, it was fun, I got to run around and smack walls that didn't hurt!"

Now that JC is proven sane, we were able to get a comment from him. "I was just sleeping for the first time it seems like in forever, and then all of this happened, then people wonder why I am bitter!!! I'm just glad this is all over, now I can finally get back to my music..... and my nap."

On the other hand Lance Bass who greatly haelped out investigators in this matter, ahs returned to Mississipi for a brief vaction from teh group. Chris Kirkpatrick denied all accusations and even went so far to deny ever knowing about Timberlake's plans or actions in the harressment case. "I was left completely in the dark, I was even shocked to learn that Jsutin had such a blatant disregard to animals! my poor little Busta, come on let's go find atree..."

TImberlake only had this to say "Yo dat's whack why would I be harrassin ma fly self yo? I love da fly honies, I never be harrassin dem yo! DIS BE SO WHACK!" And then the doctors put the muzzle on Timberlake and gave him atranquilizer so there's nothing left of that quote.

With the Grammy's only a day away, Chasez assures us that the group will be in better form than ever, now that Timber lake is "out of the way, I mean, recovering." as he puts it.

We wish the boys the best of luck!

(See JC was an evil genius puppy face, but he got let out cause he's so cutre and everyone loves him! :) )