Press Release

Press Release for NSYNC's new concept album;

After the release of their wildly successful album No Stings Attached boy band, NSYNC has decided to come out with a follow up album Going Crazy Down on Our Knees. Some critics argue that the 3rd US CD is being released too early after their second album, and that it will never sell.

"Yo dat be whack." Justin Timberlake, the co-lead vocals of the group told us. "Like yo, dey be tellin' ya foo' don't buy dat album cause yo dey be jealous of all our talents yo. But de ways Thrustin Justin be seein it wes got to make up for de lost time wes be spending wit Lou (We can only assume he means Perlman) and we's got to strike whiles we still be fresh in da honies eyes."

"Going Crazy..." JC Chasez, the other lead singer of the group explains, "Is about songs we really wanted to sing, things that are really important to us. We really wanted to take our music to the next level, and we felt now is the time to do it. We all wanted to use all this great creativity we've been getting lately and now that we have all of this artistic freedom we thought let's go for it."

JC is right, this album certainly takes the artistic freedom from NSA and runs with it. "Some people say this album is a little riske." Lance Bass, the expendable one of the group, adds. Perhaps Lance should be listened to this time, but with his "Mississippi River: Song for Toby" on the album, we only feel he is being a bit hypocritical calling the other songs riske.

"Yeah, so we decided, let's not sound like anyone but us." Chris Kirkpatrick, the eldest member of the group, tells us, "Sure we just come right out and say things in this album, that our last album was only recently hinting at. But we felt our fans had the right to know, we just had to come out and tell them striaght."

What is most unlike the boy bank though is in Going Crazy... they actually got a parental advisory warning for the ample use of sex in this album. The boys stand by their album saying that it isn't about rape, gay sex, dendrophelia, beastiality, pedophilia, and phone/cyber sex, but they just wanted to scream "F*** US NOW!" since they felt that their fans weren't getting the hint with NSA.

"Actually, Going Crazy... was really inspired by this thing we did on MTV, actually." Joey Fatone tells us, "They locked us in this padded cell for twenty-four hours with these two girls." Joey is refferring to the new POP group NSYNC is producing, Freshman Class, comprised of Bri and KB. Freshman Class's first CD (Also produced by NSYNC and JIVE records) "All Natural Flavors" comes out this Thursday. Their number one hit "Motion of the Ocean" is on their first CD, and it has already beaten out Britney Spears and Christina Aguliera's summer albums on the Billboard charts. POP scholars predict that it soon will be declared Platinum shortly after it's release. "They will be f***ing us on... I mean, opening for our entire summer concert tour." Joey concludes. The tour is fittingly named "We're F***ing on Tour!" Tour.

Perhaps the girls aren't such a good influence on these boys as the public is led to believe......

We wish the two groups the best of luck with their new albums and tour and we hope that NSYNC's new change of music styles will prove beneficial to them in their future musical endevors. Ticket for the Freshman Class/NSYNC concert will go on sale next week at all Ticketmaster box offices.