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Bri and KB both really dig what the stars hold in store for them (Gemini's and Cancer's rule! We don't care what JC Puppy says about Leo's... :) ), and hey even if it isn't ALL true, it at least gives you hope for the future, right? :)

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This is where we keep the puppies because they are SO rambuncious! (They're so cute! PUPPIES WITH A.D.D.! Like, seriously, these boys just can't sit still for two seconds. Just watch them on TV!) Feel free to walk around the pound and look at your favorite puppy!

We divided this page into six links from here, into different individual puppy cages, and also A BIG GROUP Puppy Playpen! On each of the pages is where the real fun begins, because we were dumb and we came up with too much stuff and we couldn't put it all RIGHT here!

We added, actually, a bunch of other links on this page just recently becuase this page was getting a little, how you say, LONG. So please check out all the interesting little links on th page, we promise you, that we TRIED to make them funny! :)

We explain everything very carefuly so that you can understand why we love the puppies the way that we do, and why we think that they are so amusing! :) And if you don't think that this is really funny then, oh well, everyone's entitled to their own brand of humor, but we'll have the puppies bite you on the way out!


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In case YOU cared (because we know WE CARE!) Here's a list of things we support here at the *NSYNC are Puppies Page!:

Larry the Cucumber for the 6th member of *NSYNC! (Hooray for VeggieTales!)

The "Show us where the rig goes, JC!" Campaign

The "Let JC Sleep" Campaign

Buy the Puppies a Thesaurus Campaign

WAL*MART! (*NSYNC had a concert, sorta, at a WAL*MART!)

Freshman Class on TRL! Yeah baby, with YOUR help we'll make our dream come true!

The "WE CARE!" Campaign Supporting the Things WE CARE About!!!

Now aren't you glad that WE CARE? :)


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Check for Updates EVERYWHERE! *We'd like to apologize for all the pics and pics pages not being up yet, but we love our site SO much and we REALLY wanted to see it up and running as soon as possible, so please just forgive us this one time and ALL the pics will be up in Sept... um sometme in the fall, or winter, or whenever, we promise we'll make it up to you!!! ;) *



OH SO SORRY we're so bad at updating we're losers we know... but things are really crazy here and teachers actually expect us to work at college so go figure that we'd lose time for our poor puppies this fall *pout* but we promise we'll get as much done as possible and try not to neglect everyone too much! AGAIN WE'RE SORRY!

Next, Bri doesn't have to go to court! YAY her lawyer was cute and smart and got her a settlement, so GO CUTE LAYWER! And as soon as we get a picture of it, we'll show you what Bri did to her room in college, let's just say it involves *NSYNC and a window and a busy highway... ;)

OH OH OH OH!!!! AND we're going to The Britney Spears Concert in Nashville Tennessee on September 17th, we promise to keep our eyes open for all you girls who LOVE Justin, even though we have no clue why you do, but we'll look for himn anyway for you... :)



We wrote *NSYNC aboard Titanic, it's great fun, we promise that you will love it even if you hate Leo, Kate or the movie! ;)

Damn, we love those puppies... ;)


Here's a story that KB wrote (YAY YAY YAY YAY!) She's such a talented comunimacations major, yo! ANyway, it's a true story that happened to Bri and KB at our favorite store, so READ ON! :)

* Back 2 School Shopping at WAL*MART! *

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