*Ode To Justin Timberlake*

This is called the:

Ode 2 Justin Timberlake

(AKA: Smacking him with cans of beans, yo dats whack...)

Justin: Yo don't be listenin' to dis bitch yo, this ain't true nor coo' she's just a whack, crazy ho....

Every since the day I saw him stroll into my view,

I knew that something drastic is what I had to do,

I could not have that poofy blond fro anywhere near my sight,

And those high piched shrill vocal chords waking me at night.

I could not stand the baby blue he wore or the benz he drove around,

I knew I had to get this prick way out of my poor town.

One day I felt that slimy hand of his find it's way up my skirt,

So I naturally turned around and kicked him where it would hurt.

He yelped "Yo dat's whack, bitch, we don't do shit like dat in da hood!"

I told him then that's where he should go and stay there for good.

He tried to molest me once again, and pulled me close to him,

But I wasn't going to let this snake touch me, and kneed him once again.

As he sank down and began crying there laying on the floor,

I wondered if this little homie wanna be needed hurt anymore,

I figured it was only right for his vain and cocky ways,

So I pummeled him while he was down, and then I went away.

So there he was lying on the floor, I guess he learned his lesson,

But since I never saw him again, I can only keep on guessin'.

But knowing him, he's still molesting girls, and lots of boys fast,

I only pray that one day the teenyboppers will catch up to him at last.

Justin: YO DAT BE SO WHACK! Dat ain't right yo! You be such a bitchin' ho, you know you want me, so why you gotta play it like dat girl, yo. And if it be a ode to my fly self why ain't it in baby blue yo?