*NSYNC in the Pineapple Maze

Okay, so Bri just got back from Hawaii and being a little tourist and all, and well while she as being a little tourist she went to the Dole Plantaion and went in THE WORLDS LARGEST MAZE!!! And of course being the sensible girl she as she thought about how much fun it would be if *NSYNC got to go in THE WORLDS LARGEST MAZE!!! Now Bri did it with her sister and the maze was supposed to tkae 15minutes to find all the stations and everything, well it took them an hour and a half and only found three stations out of six, so wouldn't you just like to see *NSYNC trying their luck at the maze?

It would be so much fun if we took them to the maze cause the center is shaped like a pineapple! Also we kinda figure with 6 stations we could all split up and fin the stations on our own or get totally lost together! Couldn't you just see this on MTV with the cameras following them around everywhere and having to turn around when they got lost or came to a dead end!

We bet the *NSYNC puppies could do it they are smart puppies! But man, you get the biggest farmers tan! We bet they would cheat in the maze though, heaven knows Bri did being so short she could fit just about through anything! Taking the puppies to Hawaii would just be so much fun, we know that they were there already, but they weren't there with US!!! And we're more little tourists than they are we could take them to all the COOL attractions! :)