*Why We Want To Be Locked in a Padded Cell With *NSYNC!*

Okay so it's just our little fantasy here to be locked in a padded cell with *NSYNC for twenty four hours and have it broacast on MTV, and hey if you write MTV and tell them "DANG! I'd like to see this!" We'd bet they'd do it, and we'd really make it worth your while! Listen to our plan:

We have this thing for padded cells, just because you can run into the walls and not get hurt! And personally, we would find that HIGHLY amusing. For further entertainment, we would have the following items in the room with us (well besides *NSYNC, we're getting to them in a second): A TV, A VCR, A CD Player, A rig from the "BYE BYE BYE" Video, Chains, Sugar and Caffiene, Razors/Scissors, A Big Tool Box full of blunt objects, essential *NSYNC mocking videotapes and CDs.

Okay, then we'd like *NSYNC in there so we could make fun of them and play with them! We'd sing our songs to Lance, and we'd provoke JC (on caffiene!) to kill Justin or at least bruise him up a lot with the blunt objects, Justin's resilient he could go bleed in a corner of something, then we'd hold Justin down and shave his head, then we'd give Chris sugar and JC caffiene and give Bri both, and then give Bri chains to spin around with and watch the puppies jump and duck, then we'd ask JC to show us where the rig went, then Bri would fuck Joey in the padded cell because, well that's just her thing she's always wanted to do, and then we'd break out anything *NSYNC or MMC has ever put out and sit there and mock the boys until they just give in and cry, or laugh their asses off, you know, whatever comes first.

But, seriously, that's not even half of the stuff we could do with them! We just wanted to give you this little sample of ideas of what we'd like to do to the puppies! We just think this would be the most interesting and creative way to meet the puppies, and either they'd be really scared of us or they'd really like us, either way, WE would be entertained, and after all isn't the puppies PAID to entertain people??? :)