*Natural Flavors*

Ever notice on some carbonated beverages they always print up "Contains Natural Flavors" on the side of the bottle, like it's a big warning or something? :) We always wonder what they mean by "Natural Flavors", what KIND of natural flavors are they exactly talking about here, it just can be taken SO many ways... Yes, even that way too, we told you our minds were in *NSYNC's crotches... ;)

We don't know about you but each time we drink these "Natural Flavors" we always act, well this may be a little hard to believe, a little wild and crazy. It's shocking, really... :)

Really, it's sad, you kinda just have to hold down KB when she's trying to buy natural flavors, and then you have to watch her sad peaks of highs and lows on natural flavors and then watch her go through natural flavors withdrawl, it's not a pretty sight. FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS DRINK NATURAL FLAVORS! :)

But you gotta love the natural flavors anyway, no matter how late they keep you up at night! We love them so much we've decided that instead of going through that whole "self titled debut album" crap, we're calling our first album "ALL NATURAL FLAVORS!" dammit 'cause well, we suppose that could be taken musically, there are flavors of music or something... yeah.