"M-I-C... See ya real soon!


(JC and Justin during an interview.)

We Love MMC! What's funny, is we're probably the only ones not on the show that remembers that FRIDAY'S were "Hall of Fame" day! :) (It's also pretty damn funny when you put "Hooray! It's Hall of Fame Day!" as an AOL IM message and your mother leaves you; "What did you win?" LOL!!!) Now if we could only remember the other days... Hmm, well here's what we remember:

MONDAY: Sci-Fi Day

TUESDAY: Party Day

WEDNESDAY: ????????? We have no clue what day this was! Duh, we knew it was WEDNESDAY... jeez...

THURSDAY: Adventure Day

FRIDAY: Hall of Fame Day!

Not that we didn't try to be on MMC, it was just our parents said "No! What the fuck? We're not driving you down to Orlando just to get told you suck! Go do your homework so you can be smart and get a real job!" When we asked if we could try out for MMC... *sigh* We coulda been contendas... :) Well, we'll just hang out with Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore, the only pop icons NOT on MMC it seems! Personally we think they should start up the show again, JUST SO we could get on it the second time around, but we guess Disney has spent all it's money on expensive computer animated films about Dinosaurs and doesn't want to see cute girls like us entertain on national television... whatever. :) But it would be kinda weird just standing there in front of a camera and be like "Bri!" "KB!" hmmm...... nah! :)

We have (sadly :) ) the MMC marathon that was run on Disney a while back, and we just realized how much we love the show again!!! AND HOW CUTE JC PUPPY LOOKED WITH BANGS!!! (Please JC if you don't do that solo thing, or that writting and producing thing in the future, at least grow back the damn bangs!) WE LOVE CLARENCE "WIPEOUT" ADAMS! :) (We love him on anything in Emrald Cove, he was the best part of the whole damn show!!! The rest was just... boring. :) ) He's such a cute surfer puppy face! We loved Wipeout from the VERY begining, he was the best part of that whole damn show! And HAHAHA Justin Puppy wasn't allowed on Emrald Cove cause he was in the "little kids" MMC group!!

Can't you just see them all sitting around this big press conference table prepared next weeks shows, Rhoda ready to beat the crap outta every one that won't shut the fuck up, her little clique of groupies Nina, Alana, Nikki, Jeniffer, Keri, ETC., then you have Brit and Christina gigling in a corner playing with Barbies, amking all the younger guys play with them, then you got Tony, Dale, Josh, JC (and all the other "older" guys) sitting in a group hangin', when Justin sits next to JC and starts imitating him and buggin' the crap outta him, until JC's so sleepy adn annoyed and pissed he's ready to twist Jusitn into a coat hanger? WE CAN!!! :) We definately see a "little kids" and "big kids" heiracrchy thing here like they do at summer camp, and the little kids acting goofy and the older kids avoiding them and trying to act cool. :) Hey when you were 18 did you want to play with 12 year olds??? We thought not... :)

Some of our favorite "JC Moments" come from MMC! (Along with a few other cast members performances!) Here are a few (Jeez, MMC provides HOURS of entertainment for us, we swear!):

The time Justin went out on a blind date with Rhoda sketch, when JC leaped way over Justin's head to try to catch him, leaped over the couch and the coffee table, get pissed at the pillow, and miraculously not see Jusitn on his way out the door! This is where the "More of a twitch.." and "Twist into a coathanger..." quotes came from, and we admit it is one of out faves!!!

JC in the werewolf sketch!!! This is another major fave of ours!!! This is so funny, they make this poor boy eat everything! Includeing "Werewolf Chow"! ALSO this is where we notice JC grabbing his own ass!!! JC's SO SEXY HE GRABS HIS OWN ASS!!!! ;) Oh would we LOVE to say that to him, if we meet him!!!

JC and the pie sketch!! This is yet another fave of ours! Not only cause JC PIES CHRISTINA RIGHT IN THE KISSER, but also cause of the way he says "Hi there! I'm Ned." and "Hi THERE! You must be Tammy. Hi Tammy..." (Pie her JC you know ya want to! And he makes the funniest faces!) and "And, uh, Butch." (LOL! JC forgot a line!) JC is just so frighteningly scary at being gay, it's hilarious.

Bouncy JC in the beginging! JC likes to bounce! Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!!! What the heck he just fucking jumps all over the place does that boy have legs made out of rubber? (TIGGER!):)

The times when JC was not chewing and only swallowing, this includes the JC ate catfood sketch, JC eats a hamburger made out of crap sketch, and JC is a bad date and gets spaghetti and chocolate cake all over his face sketch! We swear someone need to teach that boy the importance of CHEWING the food first. :)

The Natalie Know-it-all sketch!!! When JC says "Don't you be touchin' ma food!" (he's SO whiny in this sketch it's hilarious!) and Justin runs past and says "Natalie, apple, 5 bucks, keep the change..." Somehow we just think JC as the football jock is REALLY cute!

JC knowing every single fucking camera on the show. We swear he always knows exactly which ones are on him, and he either tries to sneak off at the end of the show to take a nap, or he runs all around the set and goes to every camera to get seen!

JC can't stop the pelvic thrustage in "I Cry For You"! It's SO funny he just keeps doing it after everyone else has stopped and he even misses cues from doing it, it's great! We're not complaining!

JC as a bear sketch. Not only as a bear but a bear doing a three stooges impression, we were emBEARassed for him, poor puppy! Then he got his head shoved in soup! LOL!

JC NOT being in "Wake Up Everybody"! It's so funny, if you think about it JC likes to sleep so why the hell would he promote a song telling everyone to wake up?

JC as a carpenter teaching boy scouts how to build a birdhouse sketch. JC and you wanted to become an engineer/architect WHY??? Just kidding! We were seriously worried that the boy really did hurt himself after the loud bang when he crashed to the floor! AND We still can't get over the little move he does when he says "easy chair"! We want to learn how to do that!!! "Scarfing worms" OH GOD how dated a word is 'scarfing'? We remmeber actually using it!!!

JC as the lip translator sketch, seriously it looks like he's about to kiss Matt!!! We die laughing everytime we see that!!! We bet JC was one of those perfectionists who learned everyone elses lines just so he could get his perfect, he seems to be mouthing alot of words when he's not speaking in other sketches too and on Emerald Cove.

Tony and JC duets!!! WE LOVE THEM!!! Dammit why weren't htere more Disney, why?

Tony as a self defense instructor sketch!!! We learned everything we needed to know about self defence from Tony!! Hey he never did show us how to do 'fencing'! WE LOVE TONY PUPPY!!! Such a puppy... :)

Justin being "little ghetto" when he goes to interview Excape!!! See? He was ALWAYS like that and that just proves it, well and him trying to rap...Jamacian Style in "I'll Take You There" :)

Hey was Joey really in the audience on MMC one time??? WE WISHED WE SAW THAT!!! We also heard JC was Elvis! Damn, we missed some good shit there! :) We can just see Justin Puppy and JC Puppy's children being like "My Daddy was a Musketeer! He did those candy commercials..." Poor boys, kids can be SO cute... :)