Okay, so we've noticed Lance Puppy has this thing for constanly telling the general populous where he is from. He even gets all pissed off when people call him "Mr. NSYNC" He always has to be like "My name is Lance, and I'm from MISSISSIPPI!" (You know he was the little kid who always counted going "1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi, 3-Mississippi...." and who knew how to spell the damn state with the correct numbers of 'S's' and 'P's' in the right places.)

For crying out loud, Lance Puppy almost had a heart attack on "Millionaire" when Ray Romano couldn't get "The Mississippi River" answer without audience help. AND he made the other puppies start the NSA tour in BILOXI! Who's ever heard of Biloxi, besides in plays and stuff?

If we ever meet Lance Puppy, we'll probably just end up smacking him with a rolled up newspaper each time he says 'Mississippi'.... Seriously, you have to train puppies SOMEHOW!