*Why Chris is a Dendrophiliac*

The cold hard truth really comes out now... Chris has a thing for trees (yeah and anything else big and hard too...) We took exerpts from this AOL convo *NSYNC recently had in NYC, where Chris can literally talk about nothing but looking at trees. Yes we know the boy has a problem, but we say go for it Chris, do whatever you want to, as long as it's not with any of our trees....

SO NOW WITHOUT FURTHER ADO: Proof that Chris is a Dendrophiliac... his poor girlfriend....

Host: A new question: Hey, guys, I'm so anxious to get your new CD. My question, I know you've done duets in your career, but who do you really want to work with? Thanks. Much love to Justin.

Chris: Look at the tree. Lenny Kravitz. How come I didn't get a cheese sandwich?

Host: Next question: Hey, guys, will you go to the prom with me next year?

Chris: Look at the tree!

Host: OK. We're getting this question a lot, so I got to push it -- do you guys have girlfriends?

Chris: I have a web site.

Chris: Look at the tree!

Host: Chris, here's a fan asking: What does "Look at the trees!" mean?

Chris: You look at it. Look at it!

Host: We're getting all these questions about a tree. It's turned into a tree chat.

*NSYNC: Oak or weeping willows?

Chris: Tree.

Host: What tree is Chris talking about?

Justin: Chris looked out the window and found a tree in New York City. He thinks that's very surprising, because there's no trees...

Chris: From the 20th floor.

Justin: So he said look at the floor.

Chris: And today's National Tree Day. So look at the tree. Look at it!

Host: It's very philosophical, indeed.

Host: La la Lou says: Hey, Chris, are you ever going to go back to the braids in your hair?

Chris: No. No. Look at the tree.

Host: We're back to the tree. OK.

*NSYNC: We're afraid of death.

Chris: We're afraid of trees.

Host: Joey, will you ever dye your hair another color?

Chris: Look at the tree!

Host: There's no way to get to all of these questions, obviously, but in signing off, is there anything you'd like to say to all of your fans around the world?

*NSYNC: We'll see you guys Tuesday at the signing!

Chris: Look at the tree.

Host: All right. We'll talk to you soon.


Host: Talk to us when you're on the road.

Chris: OK. Are we going to hook up with that game thing?

Host: Yeah, Chris, we'll talk about that later.

Chris: I'm the only one left.

Host: OK. But we're live.

Chris: They all left me.

(Sorry, interjection from us, but we would have left you too Chris, that tree fetish is just icky... no actually we would have stayed and just typed up "Chris is a Dendrophiliac" over and over and over again, until YOU LEFT! :) )

Host: All right. Go to the show. We'll talk to you soon.

Chris: All right. They're coming back to get me.

They're coming to take him away...... :)