*Larry the Cucumber*

"Escuchen le pepino - Listen to the cucumber..." --Larry the Cucumber in spanish with Bob the Tomato translating the "Dance of the Cucumber"

WE LOVE LARRY THE CUCUMBER!!! VeggieTales rocks our world, we wish we grew up with VeggieTales in our VCRs! Kids today are so lucky.. well, except for that damn Pokemon thing (sorry puppies we know you had a song on that soundtrack, and WE LOVE THE SONG! (Because it is about Summer Wear and all, little inside joke there... Just listen to "Somewhere, Someday" You'll hear at the end it sounds as if they are singing "Summer wear, summer wear...") I mean the song has beautiful lyrics and is a pretty melody, but what the hell does it have to do with Japanimation Pokemon???? We don't get it)

But we digress.. ANYWAY... Larry is awesome!!!! We think that *NSYNC should make Larry the 6th member of the group and call themselves *NSYNC-y!!! Hey this cucumber's gots da talents yo...

If you are familiar with VeggieTales, you know that Larry has his own Silly Songs Segment and is a local SUPERHERO (gotta love a veggie in a cape who sings!!!) Anyway , we think Larry is just so cute and talented he'd fit in perfectly with *NSYNC and he definately deserves his own puppy link here!

"Oh where.... is my haribrush???? Oh where..... is my hairbrush????? Oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where, oh where............ is my hairbrush???" --Larry the Cumcumber in "The Hairbrush Song"