*The Only Kitties We'll Allow on the Puppy Page!*

LOOK! It's a Puppy with a kitty!!! Isn't that just the cutest thing you have ever seen in your entire LIFE??? :)

Behind every great Puppy page, there are kitties! This page is dedicated to our kitties (well, and Bri's dog who thinks she is a BIG kitty... don't ask it's a strange family...) because we LOVE them so much (Kiss the Lemming! Kiss the Chipmunk (Larry the Cucumber has NEVER kissed a chipmunk!)! Kiss the Meat Goodnight (KB!) and tell you that you love it, and that you'll see it tomorrow, if you don't, you'll hurt it's feelings and it will be sad meat, make it happy meat! Now, KISS THE KITTIES!!! Damn we're demanding, but we're just trying to spread the love here! Hell, go ahead and kiss the *NSYNC Puppies, we'll let you! ;) ) and our kitties spent countless hours with us on this webpage and other times when other people wouldn't because we were being too weird... (We're KIDDING!) :)

So here's to the kitties! *MUWAH!*

EEeeeewwwwwwww.............. Cat fur is NOT a pleasant taste...