*Justin Stories!*

Justin Puppy is so good for inspiration! He always keeps us amused those long hard nights of studying! (He's such a POOFY PUPPY FACE!) See, we have to keep ourselves entertained SOMEHOW in college!!! We can't THINK all the time for crying out loud.

Anyway, these stories are all about Justin! They are completely made up, so please don't go out and be like; THAT'S NOT TRUE!!! YOU'RE MEAN! Because we'll just reply with a DUH. Check out the Stupid Puppy Tricks sections for more funny things about Justin and all the other *NSYNC Puppies!


STORYTIME! (Click a link to read a story!)

Justin and Chris
Justin and the Fine Arts
Justin's Version of GMHSALMTOY
Justin in Lip Rehab (A VeggieTales Story)
The Justin Translator
So Funny, It Could Be Sacreligious (Just warning you...please don't hate us for it!!!)
Justin and "Caffiene"

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