*Chris Issak*

We had to put Chris Isaak as a puppy, well because, don't you just see him as JC in like 10 years??? Come on, they were both nominated as top 100 most eligible batchelors, they are both musicians that can sing and write songs and play guitars, they both have very hard and shiny hair that doesn't move, they have the whole ear thing going on (note from KB; BUT JC'S EARS ARE CUTER!!! :) ), and they both have countless stories about musicans and themselves and whip them out whenever they are not the center of attention! ( JC: "I wore green yesterday... 33, Pippin's number... I like the 'Hobbit'..." Aw, JC Puppy WE CARE!) ;)

So like if JC ever needed like an older double of him in a movie or something, can't you just see Chris Isaak being it??? And if you can't oh well, WE CAN! ;)