*The Song is ORGASMIC!: Reason Two*

Let us explain, every song has a little part in it which is called the "smile" to the song. It's just the place that stands out and is a little bit happier than all the other parts of the song. In IDMC, we've found that "little smile" in the:

Oh, oh, oh, OH!!

Except it's more than just a smile, it's a full blown ORGASM! If you listen to the song carefully you can hear it really really well! (We also foudn this in Giddy Up, during the spoken: Ride, ride, ride, ride...)

If you don't hear the ultimate orgasm in the song the first time, don't worry, just keep repeating it until you do hear it, trust us, IT IS SO WORTH IT after that! :) (Now we know why Herbal Essences backed *NSYNC so much in those magazine and radio ads... It all comes out now, huh puppies? ;) )