*The IDMC Video: Reason Number One*

What could be greater than five cute and talented puppies locked in a padded cell with cute PJ's? (Check out our link to Why We Want To Be Locked In A Padded Cell With *NSYNC...*hint, hint* ;) ) Anyway, this is the whole reason why Bri bought the first CD, as she always says if the video's good, she'll probably LOVE the song forever, and this is one of the BEST videos in the world!!! It's just so cute and creative, how could you not just love it! (Come on, Joey with the puppy face in the VERY begining??? That just cannot be resisted! And then JC in a striaght jacket????? YAY! WE LIKE!!!)

Anyway, if we could only get Chris to give back the first solo to JC, then it would be the most perfect video in the history of *NSYNC, and we'd be completely happy, but no Chris just had to bitch (Didn't you Chris Puppy???). If you ever listen to the Euro Winter Album or the UK Crazy Driving Club Mix, you'll understand what we're talking about.

We probably shouldn't give anymore away right now, because alot of the explaining we want to do involves US actually being in a padded cell with *NSYNC, because we think that would be the only thing that could make this situation anymore perfect. ;)