Toby is Lance Puppy's dead horsie. We know that he spends countless hous lying awake at night thinking of his beloved horse. So we put in this little page about him. I mean others may have called their relationship "beastly" but it was just plain and simple love. A love that Danielle, Justin, nor Chris could reach not matter how hard they tried!

*Sigh* Poor Lance Puppy... Well at least he got to ride a horsie on the beach in the "For the Girl.." video! Maybe now that Lance is 21, he can go out and win himslef a horse at those Mississippi crap tables! True it will never be the SAME, but we all must move on....

Sorry bout the pic, we don't really have any readily availible pics of Toby the dead horse, so if you really want to see one up, send it our way and we'll do our best to get it up and running!