Did everyone else in the fucking world know that Chris' company backs artists trying to get into the music industry EXCEPT US???? Well, damn, now we know of one person we're sending our demo tape to!!!! :) Chris Puppy we keese you MUWAH!!! We'll sing any damn cover song for you that you want us to!

Well, as you know Chris Puppy is the CEO and creator of FuManSkeeto his clothing line, and as we just told you, production studio as well! We are highly impressed Chris Puppy, you have made us very happy girls by trying to help promote poor pop artists (like us! WE HOPE! :) ).

We just had to put some info about Chris Puppies webpage here, well because tehn it wouldn't really be a nice little home for the Chris Puppy on our page, now would it? So although we don't ahve the link right here we are linked to them on our banners and links page, so go now and check it out! Do it for Chris Puppy, you know you want to! ;)