*Freshman Class*

You're probably wondering what the fuck is Freshman Class and why is there a link to it????

Well, Freshman Class is US! Or USED to be us, we've since changed our name to "FLY KITTENS" cause we like it WAY better! It's our little pop group that we have with just us in it, becuase we figured it would be pretty stuid to just call our girl band by our own names... ANYWAY... So we called ourselves Freshman Class, cause we met each other our freshman year in college, and we think we've got class! We hope we do anyway! ;)

We're just really proud of us, and we have our first CD pretty much made up (OH we're DEFINATELY doing some Richard Marx songs in there! Hey, pop stars remake each others songs all the time!), and we put a list of our songs up here, only the titles though, because we really don't have anything copyrighted cause we can't afford lawyers and agents yet, and we don't want anything stolen and us not being able to prove it was actually our music. So please understand, WE WOULD, but since we don't trust some people out there, we're not, you'll just have to content yourself with knowing all the names of out songs and imagining how good they will sound on our CD!

Two songs we definately want to do are "Right Here Waiting" and Jim Henson's "The Rainbow Connection"! They are just two songs we really love and have special meaning to us and we really would like to record them on our CD one day if we are ever so lucky!

ALSO we have been busy busy busy, we have close to 50 (Alright, alright, EXACTLY 50...) songs written and so we apologize for them all not being up there in the playlist but here are our newer titles; Beginnings, Double Life, If I Didn't Know, Imaginary Friend, Impatience, In My Dreams, Kiss Me Goodbye, Our Crazy Love, Perfection, Rainbows At Night, Resuscitate My Love, Sickness, Sunrise, Surrender, Taking Back the Spotlight, Tall Dark and Handsome, Tears At Night, That's What You Say, Trapped, Twilight, Vanish Into Thin Air, Wish You Were Here, and You. So that's like what? 4 CDs? Think we're set for pop stardom and a tour with *NSYNC yet??? :)

All we have to do now is get the word out to everyone that we're here and we're ready to entertain the world! Hell, we're cute, we're talented, we have major cleavage, we fill all requirements for teen pop icons! We think that we are pretty good planners and organizers, and we're ready to do whatever it takes to break into the business!!!

In fact, we've comprised our own little TOP TEN list on why we'll get a record deal with JIVE as soon as they hear of us. And HEY! We weren't even on MMC!!! :) Brit and Christina eat your hearts out... :)


10. "Yeah, we have like a REALLY big oral fixation, like it's huge. We need to constantly have SOMETHING in our mouths when we're not singing."

9. "You know we can't possibly dance in those pants, don't you have anything shorter? Maybe a skirt. We really need to move around when we're on stage, we can't have all that confining clothing on."

8. "We like to jump around on stage a lot and you know, sometimes things just pop out of those tiny shirts! Like maybe 75% of the time."

7. "Of course they're real!!! You want a closer look? Come on you can even TOUCH them if you want to!"

6. "We love to play with water and wear white shirts, that's the only reason why we demand a summer tour. Because it's so hot and we love to wear skimpy clothing and get wet!"

5. "You know, sleep is essential, I think our tour bus beds need to be able to hold, like, oh maybe two people, vertically and horizontally."

4. "Ugh, we just hate those Britney and Christina girls. We would take them on any day, I mean we would even mud wrestle them if we had to!"

3. "Bri's so short she already comes up to your waist, she wouldn't have to even kneel! Did I mention she was in RHPS before this, want to see pics?"

2. "We really are into older men... OH you say NSYNC is on this record label too? Well imagine that! Now if you were NSYNC this is what we'd do to you..."

1. "We can sing, we can dance, we can act, we do all three AND we're LEGAL."


10.Justin Puppy is not allowed to come on the tour bus unless accopanied by one of the four other puppies or the puppies security guards.

9.Justin Puppy is not allowed to be alone with any of the member's of Freshman Class anytime during his stay on the tour bus.

8.Justin Puppy may not talk to any of the members of Freshamn Class while on the tour bus. (This includes asking questions and ghetto speak!)

7.Justin Puppy may not touch anything on the tour bus includeing the members of Freshamn Class, unless extenuating circumstances occur in which Justin Puppy may have to require to touch stuff.

6.Justin Puppy may not look at any of the members of Freshman Class, especially in a cocky, vain, or *ugh* sexual manner, this will provoke immediate removal from the tour bus.

5.Justin Puppy may not sing on the tour bus, this will provoke immediate bitch-slapping upside the head and exxcessive gaggage.

4.There will be no baby blue ANYWHERE on the damn tour bus.

3.Chris Puppy may not bring up any conversation pertaining to trees of any kind, this will provoke immediate removal from the tour bus.

2.Lance Puppy is not allowed to bring up any conversation about horses or Mississippi, this will provoke immediate removal from the tour bus.

and the NUMBER ONE rule on Freshman Class' tour bus door IS...

1.If anything goes wrong on the tour bus, even if he isn't there... EVERYTHING IS JUSIN TIMBERLAKE'S FAULT!!! :)

We're really just kidding! I mean we'd never turned away the puppies before from our tour bus door, so hell why should we start now? :) But hey, this is fair warning, we expect the puppies to be bus trained by the time we're famous with our own tour bus... ;)

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