*Fate and Inspiration*

We're REALLY REALLY REALLY into signs and lots of coincidental things happening, because we're big 'fatalists' and believe that every thing happens for a reason and that signs we see today mean stuff for our future, etc. Well Fate and Inspiration are HUGE parts in our *NSYNC Puppies driving us insane!


Fate is female. She is a bitch. She is usually taunting or teasing with immense signs that won't happen until 4-5 years in the future. Also if you try to ignore her she'll start hitting you with signs, sometimes literally. We both have our bruises from Fate.


Bri's posters constanly fall down on her as she sleeps, the three which fell down thoughout the year, but none of the others did were her Treasure Map of FLA., her "15 Minutes of Fame" poster, and her *NSYNC RS Cover, all on two seperate parts of the wall, in fact one was on a different wall, they were all held up by different kinds of tape, they were retaped constanly, at times with duct tape and they still fell on top of her by the morning, and nothing else fell off, not her other RS covers, not her other posters, NOTHING. That was a big bitch-slap from fate right upside her head. KB literally gets bruises from Fate, you can count them in plain view on this girl, to see her you would think she is abused at home. We have plenty other examples but we're not mentioning them here because it just gets scary, and it's not like we were purposely looking for the signs either, they just happen to us.

Also a sign could be in the form of something natural liek weather or animals or even other people. A big weather sign is rain and it can mean different things, good and bad. Different kinds of birds mean different things as well as different kinds of animals. Big examples of these that we have experienced are Ravens, Doves, and Rabbits. We have also found people bearing signs from Fate, which is freaky because the people don't do it on purpose either, and they are usually complete strangers that we get the signs from. An EXTREMELY scary example was when Bri took KB home to see one of her friend's in a high school musical, a little boy sat right behind Bri in a superman hat, and it took about all of our control not to turn around the entire time and flip out.

Now we're not all like obsessed with this stuff at all, it just happens, we don't plan it, we don't look for these things, they just show up and keep slapping us in the face, and at times we get really sick and tired of it and wish it would stop because it drives us nuts! But really if you had been through all of the things we went through, you would seriously begin to doubt your senses too.


Inspiration is male. He's like an old friend you are glad to see after a long time gone. He can happen anywhere, for example Bri get's constanly hit with Inspiration in the shower. He is very sporadic and fluctates in the intensity which he hits. He tends to hit stronger when Bri and KB are apart, one night when KB was gone in another town, Bri wrote 6 songs in a row, she just couldn't stop. Inspiration is much MUCH nicer than Fate and usually doesn't resort to beating, but still he is her close companion and they work together in many ways.

Inspiration is very about the now and the future but with emphasis on past and rememberance. Inspiration is totally cool however because he draws from so many different things each time he visits, so things are never the same twice. But he's very picky about when he chooses to visit, at times when you need him, he won't be there, and times when you are too busy and don't want to be bothered by him, then he'll show up and help you waste a couple of hours of your time getting lost in creativity.

Inspiration isn't very closely connected to signs the way Fate is, but still he is very closely connected to Fate. And they work very closely together in out case anyway just to drive us insane until Fame, Success and Fortune takes pity on us, or until the madness and drives stops, either way, we know we're in for a long, hard, and bumpy ride with these two! At least until we're done with college, cause we don't think our parents would be too pleased that we drop out to become pop stars, their all about stability and steady income.... Parents, go firgue... :)

ANYWAY... We kinda figure since dreams are a very VERY VERY big sign towards what the future holds we decided to put our *Some Dreams...* link here basically bitching about our dreams and your dreams and hell everybody's dreams!! Check it out as we serenade you!

"Some dreams just fade away like yesterday, some dreams are made to stay, *NSYNC's one dream we'll never forget...(cause, damn puppies, they won't let us :) )...."