*Drinking Game Time*

Drink, drink, drink, all day long,

Drink, drink, drink, while I sing this song,

Drink, drink, drink, 'cause you know you should,

Drink, drink, drink, in your neighborhood!

YAY YAY YAY YAY, It's drinking time!

Yes we are sad little girls who sometimes have nothing better than to do on our Saturday night than sit there with a cheese pizza and some alcohol, and watch *NSYNC and MMC tapes, okay you may point and laugh now... TIME'S UP, we didn't say you could point and laugh THAT much! Not to say we promote you playing our little game WITH alcohol, because it is true you can do this with um, water, if you feel so inclined, or if you are JAILBAIT! (Heeheehee, bad movie, yet oddly enough we like the term jailbait still, hey Bri sometimes dresses like jailbait... ;) )

Yeah anyway, you'll find that drinking games are essential part of Saturday nights anyway, so you might as well practice if you are still "not yet of legal age to consume alcohol" (WHOO HOO! We get a shiny quarter for that educated phrase! We're also LEGAL in "that" term too GO US for being old! We're not saying anything of our alcohol legality, you HAVE NO PROOF!!! Heeheehee.... it's MOSTLY coke...) Hey, no it's cool, we dig diet coke (with caffiene we might add!) it's one of our favorite things to drink all day long!

ANYWAY... ON TO THE GAME! You'll obviously need something to drink, and you can really use anything *NSYNC-y, but OUR personal favorites to use is the *N The Mix Video and the Disney Concert, we've seen those so many times we can pre-drink to what we're drinking to! Here's some of the fun things you can drink to!

Everytime Lance says he's from Mississippi, maybe the next time you take a drink you'll forget he ever said he was from Mississippi before and you'll learn something new!

Everytime the boys ask the 12 yr olds to scream, follow your drink with a "STUPID PUPPIES! NEVER EVER EVER EVER ASK THEM TO SCREAM EVER! BAD BAD PUPPIES!"

Everytime Chris looks like he wants Justin.

Everytime Lance looks like he wants Justin.

Everytime it looks like Chris and Lance want each other.

Everytime Justin looks like he wants to kill JC.

Everytime JC looks like he wants to kill Justin.

Everytime JC pouts that he isn't the center of attention.

Everytime Justin pouts because he isn't the center of attention.

Everytime the puppies forget they are supposed to be "wholesome" and realize this on tape.

Everytime JC is extremely bitter about napping, or that the boys can't sing, or hell, just everytime JC is bitteror pissed!

Everytime there is PELVIC THRUSTAGE! :)

Everytime the puppies are "down on their knees."

Everytime the puppies are "crazy" or "going crazy."

Everytime Chris is flat.

Everytime one of the boys "just doesn't get it" or looks very confused as teh other four understand what is going on.

Everytime Joey gets beat up by the other four.

Everytime they look extremely GAY, this is ANY European footage...

Everytime they are dancing with whores, drown those girls away in a stupor of "Fruit punch."

Everytime the puppies are drinking!

Everytime the puppies do an extremely cute thing with little kids.

Everytime JC rolls his eyes.

Everytime you hear a major fake laugh from the puppies.

Everytime each puppy mentions something that is "classically" his (AKA: JC - music, Justin - basketball, Joey - clubbing, Lance - horses, Chris - spinning records...)

Everytime you see a dumbass girl at a concert.

Everytime you see a dumbass girl crying or passing out, then laugh hysterically and wish the puppies had a picture collage wall of all these dumb girls tacked on their tour bus door.

Everytime the puppies look a little too "excited."

Everytime one of the puppies bitches and moans.

Everytime one of the puppies talks about the band history.

HARAMBE! Drink ALL THROUGH the tour of Harambe! :)

Well, and if you get through THAT sober enough to think of your own and actually remember them, send it to us! We'd love to add more little things to our list! :)