*Some Dreams...*

If you're like us (we hope you aren't for your loved ones' sakes... just kidding! :) ) you'll tend to have nights filled with *NSYNC-y dreams. Except we don't have the ones that most girls probably have, ours REALLY tend to make no sense whatsoever, and probably only star the puppies because, well, DAMMIT they follow us everywhere!! ( Seriously it's like you feed the puppy once, and you're stuck with them for life, they just keep coming back...) But since we do occasionally surround ourselves with images and sounds of the puppies it was only *ahem* natural that they would start working them selves into our subconcious.

Don't get us wrong, it's not like we mind... but seriously, it gets to be a little much, ESPECIALLY since they make no sense dammit! It would be a little to hard to explain our dreams to you we understand but hey, we're taking them as signs. (With us, EVERYTHING is a sign, you must understand...) If someone knows anything about dreams hey explain it to us, cause we as sure as hell don't get them.

And hey, if we get enough inquiries we might post some of our dreams here later on with some of your *NSYNC-y dreams too!

We'll see, we'll see........... :)