*Joey's Dating Tips*


Joey Puppy is so amusing! No matter how hard he tries, he cannot seem to win over the girls, but WE love you Joey Puppy. :) But Joey Puppy, you might want to try to change your approach to picking up girls...

"There was this one girl. I tired being nice to her, and she wouldn't go out with me. So, I tried being mean to her, and she STILL wouldn't go out with me. I never did go out with that girl..."

Well, Joey, we don't know about most girls but hey, if a guy was MEAN to us we'd certainly be dropping at his feet begging to go out with him...(You sense any sarcasm in our voices????)

Joey Puppy, if being nice DOESN'T work, it wasn't meant to be. There are plenty of other girls out there to f.. we mean, date. ;)