*Darren Henson*

Actually this should be the Darren Henson AND Nigel Dick page, cause they are both SUCH puppies and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE for them to do our videos for us, or at least JUST ONE video for us! They are just the absolute coolest and best in our minds!

First, you got Darren. He is just a flat out TALENTED man, we have yet to see a pop star he has done coreography for look better than him, you just can't do it, no way, no how, you can never top the best. He is just so innovative and creative with his dance style and moves, we'd love to have him coreograph a song for us. We've even made up our own little tribute dance to him! :) It includes all the TRADEMARK pop star moves from *NSYNC, Britney, Christina, Jordan, EVERYONE he's ever done a video for and it's just our little salute to him, in recognition of him being "da shit". :) He is like the trendsetter of the new millenium or something... Hey, we'd do anything this man says, if he says "Jump!" We'd jump and then say "Damn that sucked, is this any better? We're sorry for slaughtering your beautiful dance moves..."

Then you got Nigel Dick, who WE GIVE MAD PROPS to for making 2Ge+her and then singing in it!!! WE love this man, and to make it even better, HE'S BRITISH!!!! Who can resist a man with THAT accent *sigh*? We think he is another awesomely creative man, and would love for him to get his hands on one of our videos, and if we can't have him THEN we'll DEFINATLY take Wayne Isham!!! (Hey Wayne we don't care if Kim Smith didn't like you, we think you rock! It's all about the rotating room!!!!) :)

Yeah, the only problem now is actually becoming pop stars so that we can get them to help us out with our songs and making our videos.... Oh well, that's only a little problem, we'll take care of that later! :)