*If We Had Control of *NSYNC's Wardrobe*

The Puppies have done some pretty off the wall and out there photo sessions before, and we don't see any reson they shouldn't do some more! We have plenty ideas of stuff they could dress up as and many different themes they could do, sure their costumers would have to kill us from making them do all this work but we think that some things would just make some pretty damn fine pictures of the puppies!

The Puppies Should Dress Up As Pirates:

Well, we tell you what we think of pirates especially the ones from Penzance in that link, and if you haven't checked that one out yet, we suggest you do RIGHT AWAY, that way this little part here will make SO much more sense (well, not really, but you might understand why we have this thing for pirates...). Bri especially has this little Pirate fetish she likes "Pirates of Penzance" the "Pirates of the Caribean" the song "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" and "Pirates (Dance Mix)" By Tori Amos, she even has a Pirate Treasure Map of FLA on her wall, it just goes along with her water fetish, she's just weird... Well anyway, here are a few examples on why this would be a cute photoshoot, they're a boy band from Florida, there were bands of Pirates in Florida, the puppies already got the "Mr. Clean/Pirate" earing thing going on half the time anyway, Justin wears doorags already, Chris would get a kick out of having a wooden leg, and hey the boys might look cute in eyepatches, you never know until you see, or uh, don't see, whatever... :)

The Puppies Should Dress Up as Newsies:

WE LOVE THE MOVIE "NEWSIES"! (*sigh* Christian Bale...) This one is just SO obvious to us. "Newsies" was done by Disney, Justin and JC worked for Disney, all the newsies in the movie were boys who can sing, dance and act, the puppies are boys who can sing, dance and act, the newsies made headlines, the puppies make headlines, "Newsies" is a movie, the puppies are making a movie, the list goes on and on and on, but the main reaason we want to see the puppies as newsies is putting them in KNICKERS! Can't you just see them in tight knickers? ;)

The Puppies Should Dress Up In Leather:

We just want to see them in leather, I mean Britney got that vynil catsuit thing, put the puppies in leather! We would LOVE to have that hanging on our walls! Besides we already pointed out that they really don't mind all that bondage scary things all that much anyway, beisdes if they do, it's only a photoshoot, they can change AFTER it's over!

The Puppies Should Be Put In Handcuffs:

Yeah, we have this thing for handcuffs, so what? We like handcuffs, we think they're cool, we'd put them in our logo when we're pop stars, we think that'd kick ass. The reason why we wnat the puppies in handcuffs is well for the main reason we's just like to tie them up, it's a presonal thing we don't expect you to understand. But don't you just see a Houdini/Handcuff photoshoot thing to be fun? We could wrap Justin in chains and dangle him over a tank of water upside down...

The Puppies Should Dress in SHINY:

Hey those shiny silver suits rocked our world, we wish we won one so that we could walk past it every morning in our wardrobe and go "Oooh! SHINY!" They seel silver shiny shoes that match at WAL*MART, if only they had them in grown up sizes... We know we could never wear the suits cause they were made for the puppies and well the puppies definately don't have the same measurements as we do, so we'd just want one to stare at all day long, it would be great amusement! We think the puppies look great in shiny things! Christmas lights, glitter (BOTH OF WHICH WE LOVE!!!), you name it the puppies look hot in it, we think that they should do it more often!!!

The Puppies Should Dress in White:

White is one of the colors all the puppies look REALLY REALLY good in! IT's not easy to find a color all five of them look good in, but white is definately one of them, we think that they should do more white photoshoots. Can't you just see them in billowing white outfits in a big white room, with a big white pillar bed and big windows with airy white drapes all around them? If they had the right lighting, it would be SUCH a sexy photo!

The Puppies Should Dress in See Through Clothing:

We're not saying seran wrap or anything, not that we would tell them not to do it, because Bri has been known to wear seran wrap every once in a while, the color rolls are especially fun to make clothes out of! But we like the puppies in see through things, and they seem to wear a lot of see through things anyway, we've seen them in see through shirts, see through pants, you know never at once, but one at a time. But the puppies need more pictures in these see through outfits! If they don't mind wearing them, we say go for it! Just take more pictures next time you dress that way!

So far this is really all we want to see the puppies in and we think we have a long way to go before we can get the puppies into all of these things, we'll need to take our time making sure the puppies do these photoshoots anyway before we think of anymore! But that doesn't mean we'll stop thinking of cute things to dress them up with... :)