*Christina Aguilera*

UGH! It's Christina...

Yes, but if we didn't put her in here, we couldn't vent about her now could we? Before we begin with the ranting and raving, we must give MAJOR MAD PROPS TO JC PUPPY!!! Because not only did her smack Christina in the face with a pie, he also made her cry by by telling her to go play with her barbies! ALSO JC rocks because he never actually says Brit and Christina are good he just says that they ARE LOUD and you can't go to sleep on their voices! YAY JC PUPPY FACE! YOU GET A TREAT!

We don't like Christina, but its only because of first hand experience, she lives in Wexford, PA, and one of us in this whole 'we' thing, lives in Wexford, PA. Christina went to NASH, I went to PR, Christina goes to St. Al's, I go to St. Al's (saw and heard you at Christmas Christina, looked smashing I must say... :P), Christina went to T-Bones, and my cousin mocked her... Until Christina is more nice to everyone back at home and stops telling people we slash her tires and don't invite her to our proms, etc. I think we'll continue to mock her. Besides even the PPG says she can't even sing the National Anthem so IT'S NOT JUST US!

Also, Christina has this thing thinking she's black and Venezuelan because of her step father, and we have never seen a whiter girl. She's even whiter than Justin Puppy. We'll admit, yes she does have a good voice, but please, Christina do something good with it if you're going to use it. The world doesn't need a Spanish "Genie in a Bottle" and "What a Girl Wants", trust us.


Um, question, does anyone else but us find Christina's RS cover totally and hideously repulsive, 'scuse us while we vomit copiously... *RETCH* Sorry but we must admit that Brit's were WAY better and less trashy, and we even dig strippers and porn stars but Christina is making them look skanky and nasty and we feel terribly bad for them, cause that really ain't nice, Eminem needs to whomp on her ass more after this...