*Chris Kirkpatrick*

This is where we keep the Chris Puppy Face. Chris Puppy likes trees A LOT, sometimes we have to make him simmer down and take away the puppy's sugar. Chris is a very random puppy face, he's also a big smart-ass puppy face, but dat's what makes him a cool puppy(ESPECIALY SINCE PUPPY CUT OFF HIS ICKY HAIR! GOOD PUPPY YOU GET A TREAT!), WWWWAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! :)

If Chris was a puppy, Chris would be a mixed breed, he's a loveable mutt, what can we say? Besides he loves Busta, so he has to be compatible with HIS puppy!

We are so proud of Chris Puppy Face cause he was a smart puppy and went to college and majored in something EASY like psycology! (We're just bitter cause we picked HARD majors...) But none of the other puppies went to school, SO MAD PROPS CHRIS PUPPY!

We like Chris cause he's the old dude of the group, and he's the male soprano of the group (He's the daddy puppy)! AND Chris is from P-burgh!!! (TAKE THAT CHRISTINA AGUILERA, you ain't da only one!!!! :P)

Here's a list of questions not to EVER EVER EVER ask Chris, if perchance you meet him:


Chris, do you have a clothing line? Want to tel me about it?

Chris, how old are you? Are you 27 for the love of pete?

OH MY GOD! CHRIS! What happened to your mop that was attached to your head???

Hey Chris, can you hit that high A?

Hey Chris, who started *NSYNC?


Chris would be a fun puppy to talk to though, if you could only get him to sit still for two seconds. We recommend you ask his mommy or his girlfriend how they hold his attention for a conversation...

Things We Associate With Chris

Justin Puppy Face
Lance Puppy Face
Chris Kirkpatrick Products
Ron Irizarry (Chris' FIRST big star under his label!!!) :)

Email: NSYNC_puppies@hotmail.com