*Justin and

Okay so we do pick on Justin Puppy a bit much, we admit it. But still we do love him, because without him, we would have NO ONE to pick on! He provides us endless hours of entertainment! :) But we would never ever ever ever *shudder* WANT Justin (ICK, we must go shower now, we feel so dirty for just typing that!). Well, at least not sober anyway... Here's a coupla reasons that Justin Puppy is then SO FINE while under the influence of "caffiene" (Obviously not the real drug, but you can imagine... ;) ).

NOTE: All commentary in this column is being expressed by Bri, so please when they sic the coppers on us, tell them it all be da bitches fault yo... (GOD, for once it's not Justin's fault *gasp* let's not get carried away there...) NEVERMIND tell them it all be Justin Timberlake's fault yo! :)

1. Justin just looks so damn good, he just does, I admit, he looks sexy, now normally I would be like puke, gag, ick, but for some reason, I just want to fuck the shit outta him, I think it's the smile or something, who knows...

2. Justin's voice turns from god awful sound only dog's can hear, to actually a smooth sexy crooning, it actually sounds good people, hard to beleive.

3. Justin actually doesn't sound cocky, but instead *shudder* ROMANTIC. It's not like "Yeah you know ya want me fly honie..." but rather "Aw, I'll take care of you come over here..." He also sounds cool and sexy trying to be black, like it was somehow NORMAL or something! Scary, huh?

4. I actually admit to people that "I'll Be Good For You" is a GOOD song, if not the best song on the NSA album, why is to be still determined...

5. I admit to people that damn if he was there at that moment, I would fuck the shit outta him, I'm sure when I came to the next morning I'd probably have to kill myself, I don't even know why I want him that bad, but shit it's sad and I do. *sob*

6. I start typing his last name to conform to mine, it's sad just ask KB I get to like "Timberl-" and then I finish it with my last name by accident... *OH GOD SAVE ME!*


Sorry but Bri felt SO ashamed and overwhelmed by crying she had to be carried away, she just is SO sad when she gets like this, she just hopes and prays that Justin Puppy will never ever ever find out about this deep down hidden obsession, espcially after she has sworn to always only mock him and use him as an *NSYNC Puppy scapegoat...

This is just a public service to everyone in the world! PLEASE don't let friends take "caffiene" at an *NSYNC concert! (That's doesn't mean Bri might not... but hey!) OR let friends listen to, or look at anything *NSYNC related while on "caffiene" it's just a bad idea and they might start to fibrillate and cry, it's just a bad idea for all involved!

But hey, doesn't this kinda make you wonder how many teenyboppers are naturally high on "caffiene" now, I mean seriously HOW many of them feel this way without being under the influence of ANY drugs??? :)